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Im going to F100 wreak Anyone wanna meet up with me???

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 1999 3:36 am
by Wayne Jones

My name is Wayne Jones, and i live in Adelaide South Australia. Since i can remember i have been a Mad Max fan. I am obsessed with the movie so much i have to falcon coupes in my shed. One is a genuine GT the other is a black on black lookalike "well it will be one day". Well the minite i saw the pics in street machine i started ringing around, trying to get some sort of directions. All the info i could get is that it aint near any roads, its easy to find (if ya know where to look), its not far from a hotel and heaps of people have been there. The museum in silvertown also has the mechanics crane on display. Im heading up there with a few mates soon but arnt exactly sure when, and i was wondering if anyone would like to meet up with me at silverton/broken hill/ where ever i dont realy care. Any one is welcom. Also if anyone has any good directions pleas elet me know. I can arang my time of departure so i will be able to meet up with someone. I would also like to here from the owner of the vehicles if he/she is reading this.

I look forward to hearing from people of who are interested in meeting sometime.

Wayne Jones