Zombie Sheep!

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Zombie Sheep!

Postby Kevin » Tue Dec 20, 2005 9:48 am

"Black Sheep" is a new kind of Zombie movie from our Kiwi friends. The special effects will be done by Weta Workshop as in the same Weta Workshop that has done almost every Peter Jackson movie that he has ever done (including the Lord of The Rings and King Kong) and other big movies like "Narnia" and "The Legend of Zoro". Richard Taylor, who created the effects in Dead Alive/Brain Dead, is supposed to be working on this project. It's true that a small Kiwi film company won't have the same budget as those other big budget films, but it should be worth checking out for a laugh and it should have some cool effects anyways. Check out the picture on their site of the zombie sheep eating the sheep dog.

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