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Mustang MRT Interceptor...

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 8:49 pm
by Bronze21
Greetings. The gentleman who owns the MRT Mustang Interceptor, was showing it at this years Autorama here in Detroit at Cobo Hall. It was sitting at one of the mid-isle cross-ways, parked at a slight angle. I didn't see what it was until I looked at the lower stripe that said MRT Interceptor on it. It's a sweet ride, has the black on black scheme, and does justice to both the Mustang and the movies. I wish I could have heard her run. I ended talking to him for a few minutes, asking if Mad Max had any influence on his design. He said yes and I told him that we had discussed it on this site. He was surprised to say the least. He asked what site, and I told him and he said he'd check it out. I also asked him if he happened to be at the Ford 100 year in Dearborn to see the 20-some that were there, or talked to anyone in the Australian Ford Falcon Club. When I told him that mine was on the boat at the time, it prompted the question of "You have one?!" I told him I was building a full-time blown 460 (thanks 5.7) to put into my custom XB Interceptor. We discussed the shipping process through Aussiecoupes and some other small-talk about entering the Autorama in a couple of years. He seemed to be a stand-up bloke and hopefully he'll join in on the conversation. Cheers.