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Anyone see that new ATV game commerical?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 7:35 am
by Big Bopper Bart
OMG it showed a AUSSIE VALIANT CHARGER i was like aww neat man Oz muscle on yank TV and those mother f**kERS destroyed it ...i almost had a f**king stroke man i hope that commercial was filed in Oz where the cars are somewhat plentiful as thats the cars native country ,but if it was done in the USA the commerical makers are COCK SUCKING ASSHOLES AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN f**kING HELL!! stupid stupid stupid dumb f**ks man hell even if it was filmed in Oz thats NO way to treat a Mucle car icon.sorry for the rant but i'm 'livid with rage' right now