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madmax inspirations

Postby roadwarriormfp » Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:30 am

Well i just watched a 3rd Rate movie called "Absolon". Starring Christohper Lambert and Lou Diamond Philips. Apart from the really bad acting , the movie had a few Madmax inspriations.

Based on a bleak future where a virus has killed off a lot of the worlds people, the movie opens with a montage and monolog in similier fashion to madmax 2. Technology has evolved.... but is not seen to often. Chris Lambert plays the lone hero cop whose wife has died from the worldwide virus. The Police drive around in old 1970s Dodge Monacos (?) but have modern lightbars.. The uniformed cops wear an all black uniform .... black leather jacket and black leather pants. Most things look very 70s.... but hidden underneath the old style of the 70s are new modern technology.

The world is basically at the mercy of a large drug corperation who manufatures a vaccine for the virus and it must be taken daily..... (reminicent of the world oil cartels who rule in max's world). The movie also ends with a monolog given by an old man who happens to be a kid in the movie!

All in all it was rather and nasty........ and couldve been done a lot better!

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