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Postby brett garten » Thu Oct 12, 2006 6:31 am

[div]Hi there.[/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]The most extensive retrospective of the film work of Charles and Ray Eames ever held in Australia screens Sat 14/10 at 1pm and Mon 16/10 at 7pm at Sydney's historic Chauvel Cinema, located in Paddington Town Hall, Oxford St. Sydney, as part of the Chauvel Cinematheque. Enquiries: 9361 5398. All the films are rare 16mm prints and sourced from the National Library in Canberra, from private collections in the USA and Australia and from our good friends at the Hobart Film Society. Hope to see you there.[/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]Regards,[/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]Brett Garten[/font][/div] [div]Curator, Chauvel Cinematheque[/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]PS: See also the attached flyer for "Dark Side of the Rainbow".[/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]The Eames line-up: [/font][/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]Powers of Ten: A Rough Sketch USA/8mins/1968 Illustrates the relative size of things from the outer galaxies to the nucleus of a carbon atom.[/font][/font][/div] [div]Toccata for Toy Trains USA/10mins/1958 Old toys are brought to life by the rhythm of
music. "An exuberant and curious universe of fantasy." George K. Arthur[/font][/font][/div] [div]Computer Glossary USA/9mins/1968 A film that uses an understanding of the jargon of computers to convey something of their nature. [/font][/font][/div] [div]Atlas [/font]USA/5mins/1976 An homage to Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire using maps to tell the story.

The Look of America USA/26mins/1976 An evocation of the life, style, and feel of Early America.

Mathematical Peepshow USA/12mins/1961
Presents, in simple terms, five concepts of sophisticated mathematics. An IBM film. [/font][/font][/div] [div]Tops USA/8mins/1973 Shows the great variety of tops from many lands, and how they are wound, prepared and launched, and how they spin and die.[/font][/font][/div] [div]The Black Ships USA/8mins/1960 A documentary about the opening of American relations with Japan in 1853.[/font][/font][/div] [div]Degas in the Metropolitan
USA/10mins/1978 Shows the collection of art by Edgar Degas in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. [/font][/font][/div] [div]House: After Five Years of Living USA/10mins/1955 A personal portrait of the Eames House, a classic of post-war American architecture which the Eameses designed and built in 1949. [/font][/font][/div] [div]Powers of Ten-a film dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero USA/8mins/1978 "Never before has such grand ideas been explained so clearly and
perfectly. This is a master piece that goes beyond film and animation and goes further to show our place in the universe."[/font][/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]Most of these informational films feature great music by Elmer Bernstein.[/font][/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]"They're not experimental films, they're not really film. They're just attempts to get
across an idea." [/font][/font][/div] [div]Charles Eames[/font][/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]"There are many ways one can think about Charles Eames. He defies categorization; he is architect, inventor, designer, craftsman, scientist, filmmaker, professor." [/font][/font][/div] [div]Paul Schrader, Film Quarterly[/font][/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div] [div]Single-handedly, Eames created the look of 1950s America.[/font][/font][/div] [div] [/font][/font][/div]


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