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More March Hare stuff

Postby TheDarkOne » Tue Jul 27, 1999 3:02 pm

Is it absolutly positive that only three yellow cars were ever used in the filming of the movie? The reason I ask is because in the opening car chase, March Hare starts off with a front spoiler, but then as they progress into town is loses the front spoiler. Did they possibly have a fourth car (the one we see in the garage perhaps)? I know that I'm stretching it here but is it possible? I know they filmed the chase sequence last and probably out of order from the film, but is it possible??
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Re: More March Hare stuff

Postby Grant Hodgson » Tue Jul 27, 1999 10:03 pm

In Reply to: More March Hare stuff posted by TheDarkOne on July 27, 1999 at 23:02:56:

no they only used three cars, you will also notice big boppers already upside down in the distance, just as he is about to hit that neatly laide ramp just after the phone box, the other thing that gives the impresion there is more than 3 yellow cars is the stickers on the side of maxs are in differant spots, sometimes they are low on the quarter panel, and sometimes they are higher up., the night scene shows it in one of the positions.
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