Thunderdome ending

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Thunderdome ending

Postby JT » Sun Jul 25, 1999 12:13 pm

I felt after the end of MM3 that there should have been an expounding on what happens to Max. I wonder if MM4 is going to address this issue. Does anyone know or can give me insight on what happens to Max?
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Re: Thunderdome ending

Postby TheDarkOne » Sun Jul 25, 1999 4:35 pm

In Reply to: Thunderdome ending posted by JT on July 25, 1999 at 20:13:44:

That's the beauty of the whole trilogy (well not really, but you know whatever). After Mad Max was released I bet people said, well what happens to Max? Same with Mad Max 2, what does he do after that. Thunderdome was the same way, they left it very open to a number of possibilities just as they did with the previous two. I have no idea what happens to Max after Thunderdome, there are tons of rumors going about as to what Mad Max 4 will be. I am a little out of touch on the rumors so sorry if I don't get em all right. Some hope it will tell what happens between Mad Max and Mad Max 2, some say it will be about his son. I personally hope it is about what happens before Mad Max, the forming of the breaker squad and such. Sorry I don't know more about it, Alex Maddison has a cool chronology thing that might tell you more.
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