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Postby Heimdal » Fri Jul 23, 1999 2:02 am

Oh crap, I gave you the wrong link. I gave the one to LW 2, But take my word for it, Burns, nor the jumper isn't on the cast of LW1.

I checked out Peter Barton's claim that Tim Burns, aka Johny the Boy was not the jumper in Lethal Weapon 1. Sure enough, I checked the end credits on two LW1 pages, and couldn't find Timmy on the cast. However, I also couldn't find any mention of the jumper on the cast. The question remeains then, if it wasn't Burns who played the jumper, who the heck was it? It sure did look like him. If you're interested, you can look check out the end credits at http://www.lw4.com/cmp/lw2/frameset.html to see for yourself.
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