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Problem(s) with Sega Outlander

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 1999 3:52 pm
by Jon
The big problem with the game mentioned is the combination of the long boring driving time and the feature of not being able to save the game. Another thing I dislike about it is that the difficult part is the walking around in the towns that comes after the easy (boring already) driving. Heres how it goes when you first start your game: It starts you in your car, you drive for about 5-10 minutes, randomly blowing away bikers, when suddenly your car comes to a stop. Your screen then changes to a side scrolling view where you walk. Beware of a guy on a motorcycle who comes by and drops a stick of dynamite on you, you automatically die and since the game only gives you 1 life, you start at the beginning of the game again (I think the way to avoid this guy is to keep walking and don't stop in one place for more than, say, 5 seconds). If you keep walking you see a girl w/a shotgun, an unarmed fat guy, and a dude on a motorcycle who tries to whip you with a chain. I think its after only about 5 punches from the guy, or 2 far away blasts from the shotgun, or 4 whips that you die and start all over again. There are numerous amounts of these same people that you have to get through to get to the end of the side scrolling screen. It sucks because every time you die it takes a crap load of driving to get back to the town. There are 28 towns to go through in the game. I don't know yet (I keep dieing in the first town, only the second day I've had both sega and game), but I hope that after you get to a town it automatically saves your game there (you can't save the game yourself). So if you die in the second town, or 28th town for that matter, it does not start you out in the very beginning.