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Small Niggle about RW

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:43 pm
by lord humungus
Hey all.

so this about the aftermath of the interceptor crash and something I noticed that doesn't make sense to me. Wez says "..if he's alive don't kill him I want him." so the badcop comes down the hill and shoots Dog. then he reloads and aims at max and is about the fire. my Question is why? was it to incapacitate max? because max was so banged up he couldn't even hold,much less fire his shotgun. so that doesn't make sense. why would the badcop defy Wez and kill Max especially if Wez was in the position (had the interceptor not blown up) to possibly become the new leader.

Forgive me but this just always bothered me because it didn't make sense as to why the badcop would kill max when he was told not to.

Re: Small Niggle about RW

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:21 am
by MWFV8
It's a good point. The issue seems to lie with editing. The screenplay doesn't suggest the badcop/gayboy beserker is aiming at him to fire, just the Max is prepared to defend himself.


WEZ stands looking down into the gully. Another vehicle has arrived. TWO GAYBOY BERSERKERS and the TOADIE scramble down towards the wreck carrying Jerry cans.

Don't waste him. If he's alive...
I want him.


By an enormous force of will, MAX frees himself from the harness and pulls himself through the window of the wreck.

He falls to the ground, dragging his crippled body into the shadow of a large boulder, hiding there.

The DOG confronts the MARAUDERS, snarling, standing between them and the wreck.

One of the GAYBOY BERSERKERS rises his crossbow...

MAX watches, grim-faced, as the DOG falls dead.

The THREE MARAUDERS run to the vehicle.

While the TOADIE prepares to siphon off the gas, the other two peer into the crushed cabin.

Perplexed, they examine the wreck more closely, looking for MAX ...

ONE of them sees the drag marks, leading down the creek bed.

He signals to the OTHER MARAUDER... MAX prepares to defend himself ... the TOADIE prises the cap off the black car's fuel tank.

The booby trap fizzles and explodes... the petrol ignites... the THREE MARAUDERS are engulfed by a giant fireball.

MAX looks past the flames, staring up at WEZ, not taking his eyes off him...

Re: Small Niggle about RW

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:05 pm
by rockatansky4073
I always thought the berzerker just wasn't taking any chances.
I mean he didn't know how badly hurt this guy was, he didn't know anything about him, so i always thought he was just gonna wound him.
Max's leg was sticking out exposed after all.
Or the Berzerker just didn't give a shit, maybe he didn't like taking orders.

Re: Small Niggle about RW

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:38 pm
by aussie muscle
a crossbow isn't a guaranteed death weapon, it's pretty easy to shoot someone and not kill them.

Re: Small Niggle about RW

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:01 am
by Daz
dogs will always attack. If it is alive, it will go you.
Humans are slower. the Bad cop was merely neturalising the most dangerous target then covering max.