Favorite MAD MAX soundtrack?

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Favorite MAD MAX soundtrack?

Postby henry2 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:16 pm

I love all three so far. But I think THUNDERDOME is my favorite. Jarre's score is fantastic, as are the two Tina Turner songs. I look forward to hearing FURY ROAD's score. What about you guys? :)
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Re: Favorite MAD MAX soundtrack?

Postby Taipan » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:10 pm

The Road Warrior OST is the best one in my opinion. I haven't heard a soundtrack TO DATE that would fit the scenes so perfectly. The final chase scenes had that military vibe to them, when Max crawls from his V8 wreckage - the music really captures the hopelesness of that scene. And when the Gyrocaptain takes him up in the air you can hear that in the music too. Literally every scene is scored so fittingly It became a benchmark in movie scores to me. I was really happy to hear that JXL based his work for FR on the RW OST too. And you could hear that in a couple of samples he posted on his instagram (the music in trailers is definitely not his).

As for the Thunderdome OST, I always thought it was too clunky, a bit too cheery too. Maybe that just reflects the tone of the movie, but the wrench on an anvil sounds were a bit off putting to me. The sound design was on point on the other hand.

Mad Max OST was sort of a wonky blueprint for the RW in my opinion but there wasn't anything that was particularly sticking out. There were some themes that were reused in the sequel and thank Brian May for that.

All in all the RW OST is my absolute favorite and also a benchmark for movie scoring.
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