Beyond Thunderdome - A reappraisal??

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Re: Beyond Thunderdome - A reappraisal??

Postby MachRider » Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:31 pm

pauli77 wrote:Good thread because I certainly have a different opinion on it now.

I actually think Thunderdome is a wonderful kids film. It has great nods to other children's classic like Peter Pan's lost boys. Max is in full man with no name mode but there are some great comedic looks from Gibson and the rest of the cast. It has some really quotable lines: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dying time's here...". I think Tina Turner does well and Auntie is a different villain to the previous films - she's more human, a woman in a man's world who has to be tougher than them and smarter than them and yet isn't a psychotic and can recognise Max's tenacity.

One of the most striking things when you rewatch it, is that there are some wonderful visuals - Max on the donkey with the head, thunderdome itself, master and blaster, the train interior when the boys' listen to the french recording lol.

It is Max's world but lighter and more civilised (relatively).

It makes sense too when you look at films Miller has done since, lots of kids films.

Agreed, TD is extremely watchable movie. I'm not really always in the mood for MM2 action, and I'm especially not always in the mood for MM1 as it still shocks me a little after all these years :) but Thunderdome I can watch anytime.
It's very near the top of the watch-anytime list, right along Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and the movie I can literally watch anytime and did so for I guess 500 times - the Goonies.
Mid 80s adventure movies are just pure magic.

And visually it's the most beautiful of all three (hell, maybe even four!) movies. Apart from some dubious costume designs (bartertown guards) it really has style in droves. Max's tuareg outfit, car turned into wagon, camels, that fugly plane (that actually exists and is not a prop!) children speech (very Peter Pan, Lord of the Flies), the scene when cpt Walker's hat flies, or when Max turns useless old spear into mr.Death...

But if I somehow could cut anything Ironbar related out of it, I would do it in a heartbeat. And that finger-flipping scene is even more insulting when you compare it to MM2 dying hand with shriek of death scene....
Sadly it's generally lacking in Mad Max Mojo in all aspects. I never had that uneasy but at the same time addicting gut feeling I have with first two movies.
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Re: Beyond Thunderdome - A reappraisal??

Postby DGSimo » Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:20 pm

Mad Max 2 and Beyond Thunderdome were always my favorites because I saw them in that order and at a very young age where they were my first movies I saw along with Star Wars.

So you can imagine what the visuals and everything did to my imagination when I'm 6 or 7. :lol: I had a bit of a crush on Savannah and the scene with the quick sand always disturbed and scared the heck out of me that I hated that scene. lol

As I got older though and saw the first film and rewatched Beyond Thunderdome, despite being hit with nostalgia I can see a primary problem compared to the previous movies when watching it as an adult - the lack of danger. The Wasteland suddenly got safer. Of course the more I watch it the more other quibbles begin to annoy me but even in saying that, above all and like Mad Max 2, it's an enjoyable movie for me that I can put it on at any time and get sucked in to the universe and world of Mad Max.
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