Mad Max 2 Marauders - are any actually mutants??

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Re: Mad Max 2 Marauders - are any actually mutants??

Postby Taipan » Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:29 pm

Yeah, might as well, doesn't matter at this point. If people protest Tony Abbott in one panel and MFP is formed with 70's Falcons in the next one then you might as well throw the rest of the movies into that mix since all logic is out the window anyway.

They shouldn't have married the old movies with the new one like that is all I'm saying.
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Re: Mad Max 2 Marauders - are any actually mutants??

Postby metalwarriormax » Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:38 pm

The voice of Lord Humongous reminds me of a possible prototype version of one Triumph The Insult Comic Dog...would be cool to see someone do a voiceover for his scenes...also it is pretty obvious that the foe in this film IS a BDSM can plug in it the character "Machine" from the film 8mm (1999), or "The Gimp" from Pulp Fiction (1994), and they would fit right in. Fury Road stripped the offensiveness of the first trilogy, as if they were scratchbooks, and delivered in 2015, the best action film ever made. Way above Raiders of The Lost Ark or Die Hard. They are not mutants. They just party at a club in Sausalito. And need gas.
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Re: Mad Max 2 Marauders - are any actually mutants??

Postby owenmp » Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:45 am

The gills of the Mariner in Waterworld were not a result of evolution. The four-issue Waterworld comic mini-series released in the 1990s explained the Mariner was genetically engineered by Earth's last remaining scientists.
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Re: Mad Max 2 Marauders - are any actually mutants??

Postby lord humungus » Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:58 am

I've read the articles on what Miller has said about mad max 1 and mad max 2.

but my impression of the Lord Humongous was that he was a comicbook personification of effects of radiation. in that it made him incredibly big and incredibly strong like the incedible hulk kind of logic. so my thoughts were that it made sense,on some levels,that MM 2 was post nuke because Humongus seemed like he was a comic book villian. and with the scaring and the whisps of hair it seemed like he had suffered from exposure to radiation. the fact that max is seen to only eat canned food also seems inline with a post nuke world.

if it's not post nuke then well I can understand that I guess but it kind of throws even more issues with the inclusion of Lord Humongus as is because he really does seem to have been exposed to radiation. I do get what miller is saying and I guess that an apocolypse could just be the total errosion of society to the point to where food and other items were so scarce that people would kill each other. that rules would stop applying and that things would break down because people would just stop going to those jobs to maintain infastructutre.

I just...don't know...I think that the movies in general after mad max 1 feel comic book post nuke. and since mad max1 was sort of a send up of car culture and violence culture. it only seemed to make sense that mad max 2 was post nuke just in a comic book sense where some rules of reality don't apply.
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