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mad max 2 uncut

Postby feral kid 2029 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:36 am

having some difficulty understanding all of this, ive done allot of research here and elsewhere and now confusing myself with it all. last week I bought mad max trilogy blu ray metal set at a great price from Fry's, along with Terminator set, planet of the apes set, and gilligans island set.. terminator set was 9.99! forgot how much max was i can let you guys know, it was either 15 or 25.. ...35-40 elsewhere

it starts the movie with the title as mad max 2 with the non american voice over, does not start titled the road warrior like it says on the cd

it had the uncut scene were wez pulls out the arrow longer and his boyfriend with the bommerang in his head that he removes. guys fingers get cut form the boomerang, hummungous head throbbing from back, gonna check tommorow if the naked lady is on the gyrocaptains rear wing of helecopter
havnt watched it enough to point out all other small differences with camera angles and additional scenes,
ive readhere that theres another opener scene with the bandits burning a building down with 2 parents and a kid, max tending his wound, and cutting off the barrel of the shotgun, never seen these ever

one part when max drives by the tent revealing the couple having sex, its supposed to show more of the females rear end , gota re check this part again, i forwarded thru the movie to check some parts, havent watched it fully yet, an online version shows the rear ( <-- uncut? or is there more original scenes that arent in the uncut or edited, but only on early vhs version?

so is my blu ray not the full uncut version, but has some of the american re editing with additional scenes and diferent outtakes. im not sure if ive seen the full uncut, ive watched it countless times on BBC channel and i cant remember if they showed the rape scene topless or the pulling arrow part or the tent couples rear end among all the other stuff changed. they definatly show bloated dead faces, fingurs cut by boomerang, all i can remember at the moment. And i dont know if the the aussie accents are what they are supposed to be, i think they just change a few words in the movie, not the full accent , right?
so what the hell version do i have, a mix of american cut re edit and uncut?
and where can i find the original uncut version, its driving me nuts. is there one on dvd, if so, which one, theres a couple releases through the years, if vhs, which one? if online or torrent where? or do i have a good copy?

i found these two links showing all the differences in detail with photos

I know this has been covered, but from what ive read here in many threads, i cant confirm where to find the real uncut, and whats supposed to be original, and what i currently own is a mix of both or not, will try to watch it again soon to compare scenes from the links above, but i dont want to drive myself crazy trying to find out and get sick of the movie, ive seen it plenty of times on BBC, loving it every time, now i have the blu ray so not sure if its the same version on BBC .
anyway, thanks for reading, this has to be the best place i can post this for help.

is "the road warrior" same as american version with alternate scenes?
and the "lost version" is "the road warrior" with alternate scenes but edited down for less violence?

thanks from los angeles, ca,
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thx for the help my post-apocalyptic brethren
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Re: mad max 2 uncut

Postby kelinbake » Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:01 am

message wrong . mod pls deleted
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