MM2 BD audio???

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MM2 BD audio???

Postby PL-12Airtruk » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:57 pm

In NZ we had two versions of MM2 released on BD. As shown below the
only difference I can see is the addition of "MM2" to the latter
release. However this version has an audio channel "missing" it would
appear? Its at the end of the opening montage when the screen goes wide
- the sound of the SC "cuts" apruptly as opposed to the nice "fade in"
that has been the norm since I can remember. Also, many dialouge tracks
are "muted" or of "low level."

I am wondering if anyone in Australia or anywhere else in the
commonwealth for that matter had noted this?

PS: I'll post the image as soon as I load it into the computer,
sory for the delay.
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