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Re: Post Pics Of Your Mad Max Memorabilia

Postby seriz » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:57 am

roadwarriormfp wrote:Impressive Seriz...
Can you give me some info on Blind Faith CD??? What is it?

It's a fan film shot during a festival last year, only available by internet on this internet site :

PursuitSpecial wrote:Interesting GEO magazine? With George and the MM2 mask on it?

Not really, very small text, but two great pictures !

toecutter wrote:very impressive research collection!
Can you post some details about that 5 directors book ? ISBN if possible. Im assuming its miller/mm related.
I have a large collection of mm and mm2 posters (only 1 from mm3 as i just prefer to think that film never existed...) and i see you have my personal favourite the German poster "600 psi starker turbo wagen". its the same size as mine. were there different versions of this poster or different sizes ?

This is a great book. Very large interviews with five oz directors. 50 pages of interview with Miller. Lots of nice informations and talking.
35mm dreams, conversations with Five Directors about the Australian film revival. By Sue Mathews. A penguin Original Edition. ISBN 0 14 006709 4.

I don't know a lot about that german poster, the different sizes. But this visual can be seen on different mad max 1 poster, the UK one, italian one, serbian one...

I'd like to buy the australian one, but for the moment it's too expensive for me. I keep my money for my australian road trip I'm going to do in February and March. Sydney, Melbourne, Broken Hill, Coober Peddy, Broken Hill, Sydney.
By the way, I have contacts and friends in Melbourne, but I know nobody in Sydney. So I'm going to some camping place. Do you know nice places to spend some days near Sydney, not too expensive ?
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Re: Post Pics Of Your Mad Max Memorabilia

Postby Madmid666 » Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:42 am

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hi can anyone tell me what kind of lobby cards these are I bought them a while back and I haven't seen any more around
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