MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

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MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

Postby mentalmelvin » Thu May 07, 2009 7:10 am

MAD MAX 4 Fury Road could go a little like this....

if Mel really wasn't "into" the acting thing much anymore....then why not bookend his career {that side of the camera} with a role that kickstarted it !!?.Go out with a BANG !.

I had a few ideas over the years for a 4th....even thought of writin' 'em down n'popping 'em through the letterbox of ICON Productions {to pass on to the appropriate people} thats just 3 miles up the road from me here in london.....maybe they might consider thinkin' of adding these "bits" of my ideas to any larger scale story stuff....Hell! I'll shove my ideas on here and other forums for absolutely free...I'd be stoked even if you forum-guys thought they were any good!.Sincerely...if any of this is any good and if anyone can add to it...and we ever saw a MAD MAX 4...all I'd think is "at bloody last!!!"

Here we go.....

What if...{BIG "IF"} Max "crusty old hermit" Rockatansky stumbles over an abandoned military/government base out in the sticks {ala end of TERMINATOR 3 "base" kinda thing} and finds....wait for it....a "pristine" V8 Interceptor along with other luxury cars.....coulda been left for a polictician/famous person/car collector just prior to all the "nuke-y stuff"...surely a multi-millionaire type person woulda stockpiled such things.....and been on a list for admission to such a place !.

{I think this would also be a bit of an acting challenge for Mel....since....trying to perform these kinda emotions would be pretty intense....think about it !? Finding a car you used to own over 20 years ago...and you hadn't even seen a "real" car in those 25 years !}

As for the place being abandoned...theres any number of reason....maybe the folks didn't make it in in time...maybe they all went mad and killed each other.....maybe there were more vehicles than people that made it there...!Who knows !

After 20 years or so without even sitting in a real car....I thought it might just be funny as sh*t to see Mad Max had forgotten {just for a moment or two} "how to drive".....heheheh

yeah I know the black-on-black V8 was put together by the mechanic with "bits from here,bits from there"....but, be honest....who would complain the car was exactly the same!? I bloody wouldn't !

But,anyway....I defy "anyone" to HATE the idea of "Max in a V8 again"......fair enough the freaky home-made mechano buggy things the bad guys roll around in are cool.....but,...I think if they did this,got Max back in a V8...they could then take the character of Max in ANY direction after this,...from this foundation.They could "go nutz" with it after that !.

or....another idea...kinda thing.....

MAD MAX 1 seemed to be like a police-state forming - echos of current news - like their police radios constantly updating whats new thats "illegal",calling cops "the bronz" etc.Anyway,what if the "candy" offered to Max in the form of the V8 was actually a prototype black-on-black V8 meant as a fleet for the entire police be as intimidating as possible !{This would also be cool for Mel to act...if he found evidence of this when he finds the cars!}But,that nuclear war thing had them put into storage...Max could find the fleet of cars...and maybe....just maybe....bring LAW & ORDER back to the wastelands deputising good-folks.Or does that sound a little too Kev Kostner "Postman"!?}anyway i've had long enough to have written a whole series of these movies in the 24 years since the last...
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Re: MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

Postby Bad cop » Fri May 08, 2009 5:10 pm

Those are some groovy ideas...keep at it. Hopefully George Miller will use one of those ideas.
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Re: MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

Postby mentalmelvin » Wed May 13, 2009 7:50 am

Hey Thanks...will do.A few other things up my sleeve.....

you never know !

any petition on here anywhere for a MAD MAX 4 ?!!!! I know Mel said he'd be playing FAT MAX if he did it....but c'mon Sly Stallone still jumpin outa planes and stuff at 69 !!!.

{Mel just do a few sit-ups....for every 100 you do...I'm sure the studio will add a zero to your paycheque ! heheh}
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Re: MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

Postby BlownV8 » Wed May 13, 2009 6:59 pm

Mel looks the right age to continue his role, I like the idea of finding a BoB, but I don't think it should be an XB, that ship has sailed. The 'end of the earth' was years after Max got his BoB, there is no reason that a new BoB was being developed after Max stole the last one!
This garage could be full of dusty 70's and 80's Australian cars and he finds the BoB update, maybe an XE with a 671 on Nos?

Fury road would be similar to the end of T3 and (I suspect) the fourth Terminator.
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Re: MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

Postby mentalmelvin » Thu May 14, 2009 2:38 am

yeah...and lets not forget the 3rd movie was meant to be set "15" years AFTER the 2nd...!!!! or so I keep reading in movie mags from far as Mel's age....thats a mute point really. <<< {meaning if "he" says he's too old !}

In fact I'm gonna DARE Mel to do this and pull it off in style and make it one of his most memorable performances and make alot of hollywood types eat their there !

C'mon for the fans that remember the HARD CORE ACTION of your pre-Hollywood-ized career !.Have been just a little disppointed since I saw you couldn't even make it over to Oz for the special features on Gallipoli DVD with all the other blokes.....was waiting for actor who played Snowy to say "Ain't we good enough for ya to do DVD special features with?". {Little Gallipoli movie joke for ya there !}

Anyhoo....starting my writing.....think Max woulda walked back to Jeb's place....taken it over....Aunty Entity woulda set a decree that that place was out-of-bounds and/or that Max had been killed,{since she "obviously" fancied Max a little bit} that way Max isn't bothered by bad guys that might blame him for all that "commotion" & pig-sh*t flying from there {Jeb's place} Max has set up a trading-post with folks that have NOT heard of Batertown....bla bla bla,...then one day,an event !!!! has Max leaving & stumbling upon the base.
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Re: MAD MAX 4 & Mr. Gibson,etc.

Postby mentalmelvin » Thu May 14, 2009 2:58 am

o.k. before I flesh this out and dump the idea right here right now....i'll just put it up on here as a thing for popular ridicule.....Had idea that there was "one" guy left in the base Max finds....and it happens to be a character played by.......BRUCE SPENCE....and hes some kinda radar operator....still monitering the skies....{pretty dedicated military type !} and during conversations with Max mentions he didn't become a pilot,because....he's scared of flying ! HA !
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