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Idea for a story, would like some advice

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:10 am
by Elliot
OK, I have an idea for a fan fiction about Johnny the Boy, going into his origins, how he became involved with Toecutter's gang, and showing him being rescued from the explosion at the end of MM at the last instant, surviving with minor injuries. It's what becomes of him after this that I'm currently unsure about. My original idea - this may sound a little crazy - was that the increasing barbarism would gradually hone Johnny into a hardened warrior, eventually evolving into....the Mighty Wez! Yeah, I know you're probably thinking 'WTF?' here, but hear me out: I feel there are interesting parallels between the characters of Johnny and Wez. While they seem quite different on the surface, I think that the recklessness and disrespect for authority shown by Wez is not dissimilar to that exhibited by Johnny; both frequently jeopardize the plans of their respective leaders with their impulsiveness (See the "If you wanna waste the Bronze, you gotta do it big!" scene in MM, and then the "No more talk! We go in! Kill, kill, kill them all!" bit in MM2/TRW; in both instances the characters have to be reigned in by their commanders). While I think this would be an interesting take, I'd like the opinions of others before I set anything down.

Re: Idea for a story, would like some advice

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:16 pm
by Turbofurball
It's an interesting idea, given that anyone who survives has had to change a lot then Johnny might be a very radical example ... I'd suggest that rather than trying to force character development into the ready made box of 'becoming Wez', that instead you allow him to become something new and original.

Many writers say that their best stories present themselves when they take characters who then do things that the writer didn't originally envisage.