Mad Max Photoshoot in Perth, Western Australia

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Mad Max Photoshoot in Perth, Western Australia

Postby Brodie » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:16 pm

Hey all,

I am a commercial photographer/mad max fan and I am putting together an elaborate Mad Max remake Photoshoot in Perth, Western Australia and I'm looking for anyone that might be interested in helping out! I'm basically going to recreate the essence of Mad Max in a series of pictures in my own photographic style.

I have a complete replica Interceptor from Mad Max II for this photoshoot.
To do something different, I may cast a strong female character to play the role of Mad Max, but I may cast a male as well
I am hoping to have a Blue Heeler to be a part of this too.

What I'm really searching for is help with the wardrope and props or anything else you think might make this a better production! I'm also happy for anyone wanting to be involved, to get involved. I'd love to cast more characters in the remake photoshoot. So if you're a fan in Perth let me know!

This is a personal project of mine in collaboration with the replica car owner.

Any help and interest is appreciated!

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