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Re: Queensland flooding crisis

PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:34 am
by roadwarriormfp
mack tanker wrote:I read about YESI catagory five cyclone hit Queensland
Sounds very bad for those who live there
roadwarriormfp lives there I hope all is well with him
and everybody else that has been hit by this disaster

Hi there Mack,

Yea I live in Townsville, just 180km from where the eye of the cyclone crossed the coast.
We recorded 140kmh winds here which raged from 11pm to 4am.
Damage here was mostly trees being knocked over and loss of a picket fence.
3days with no power and the land line phone doesnt work.
We came out of it quite well.
Most of my town lost at least 60% of its trees, which we really do love here as its so damn hot sometimes!
It just looks so barren now (apart from the piles of branches on on the footpath)

Not so for the communities where the cyclone hit, with utter devestation of 5 small towns as well as important crops.
The cyclone was a Catergory 5 with winds up to 290kmh.
The eye was some 60km wide and the whole system some 600km wide.
The cyclone travelled all the way inland to Mt Isa some 900km INLAND before it finally died.

Re: Queensland flooding crisis

PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:31 am
by mack tanker
Good to hear your OK!!