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Postby Bad cop » Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:19 pm

I've been meaning to share a bunch of Australian films and shows I've seen recently, but until now had never gotten around to doing it.

1. "Farscape: (1999-03) (TV): Thanks to Netflix, I was finally able to see the entire series of "Farscape." I'm a huge fan of science fiction shows so I couldn't wait to finally see it, but it also
starred Virginia Hey from "Mad Max 2" and Jonathan Hardy ( Labatouche from "Mad Max") and one of my favorite actresses Claudia Black. Not to mention the guest stars
that included: Hugh-Keys Bryne, Bruce Spence, Chris Haywood, and Max Phipps.

2. "Farscape: The Peace Keeper Wars" (2004): Amazing conclusion to the show and features Hugh-Keys Bryne.

3. "Moving Targets" (1987): I've gotten really serious about collecting rare VHS tapes this summer so I put the film "Moving Targets" at the top of the list. A good film, but wasn't what I was
expecting. I was expecting an Ozploitation film, but got more of a drama/action film. Some clips of it are featured on "Not Quite Hollywood". One of the scenes featured is
the guy standing next to the black Holden saying "You hurt my car."

4. "Thirst" (1979): Found this used at a thrift store. It is also featured on "Not Quite Hollywood." It features Max Phipps, Stephen Clark ( Sarse from "Mad Max") and Lulu Pinkus ( Nightrider's Girl
from "Mad Max"). It was a pretty good film, but I didn't like the ending, but had a lot of other actors I regconized including: David Hemmings, Henry Silva, and Robert Thompson
("Patrick") which I still have yet to see.

5. "Death Cheaters" (1976): Another VHS I found used, which I just watched today. Very great film with a lot of really amazing stunts. This film was featured in "Not Quite Hollywood" as well and
stars Grant Page with appearances by Chris Haywood, Roger Ward, David Bracks ( Mudguts from "Mad Max") and Reg Evans ( The Station Master from "Mad Max").

6. "Bloodmoon" (1989): Another rare VHS I bought. This film is again featured in "Not Quite Hollywood." It has music by Brian May and features Jonathan Hardy ( Labatouche from "Mad Max").
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