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Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:12 pm
by the armourer
Gasoline wrote:
the armourer wrote:when the only thing that really mattered was gasoline

Why Thank You..... :oops:

LOL!! Very pun-ny. :D

Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:41 pm
by the armourer
Circa 1985, we had several 'strips' of marked off quarter mile pavement all around the county. There was what we called a 'short quarter', a length less then 3/4 mile, out behind the old power plant. It was a good surface, but there was less then a half mile of shut-down area before a sharp curve. This meant we couldn't run any really fast cars there. So anyways, there's a group of about 30 or so out there one Saturday night around midnight. I didn't have the car out that night, I was doing the spectator thing and even flagged off a few runs. Well we're doing our thing and someone notices a car sitting back about 50 yards or so behind the starting line, just sitting there on the shoulder with the parking lights on. It didn't take long to realize it was an unmarked LE car, A Dodge St. Regis that the City boys were running. It didn't take long before shirt sleeves were being tugged on and fingers pointing. We honestly had no idea how long he had been sitting there or what he had seen. So soon everyone is looking at him and he slowly pulls onto the road and rolls up to the starting line and stops. He then keys up the PA and says, "Good Evening. What are we doing tonight? Are we holding unsupervised acceleration trials on MY highway? Well by my count there are about 30 of you, so I'm gonna run down and grab a cup of coffee and I'll be back in about 20 minutes. Anyone who is still here is going to jail. Thank you for your co-operation." And then he turned on the headlights and just drove on down the road and out of sight. A very sobering experience to say the least. So we set up 2 more quick runs and got the hell out of there.

Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:10 am
by Taipan
I was 11 years old, it was summer and I was at my grandma's farm. She had a traktor parked outside the house and it was so rusty and awesome I'd spend hours inside the cab playing around with the steering wheel, playing pretend. I pushed one too many buttons and lanuched the traktor straight through the door of a barn, until my dad shut the damn thing off.
I think it qualifies as a racing story cause I was running away scared shitless from my dad.

Or that was just lame, either way I thought I'd share :D

Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:52 am
by cruzn2the max

Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:17 pm
by the armourer
cruzn2the max wrote:I had an old Eh holden and my ex wife an i were fitting a baby seat in it for the arrival home of our 3 month premature baby, shes now 18.

My son was in the front seat and knocked the handbrake off and out of gear, the car started rolling forward down the driveway, yes on a slight hill, all of us in the car and picking up speed, i leaned over to the front and reaped the handbrake on, and stoping 1 inch from the neighbors fence, there was a bit of panic at the time, but afterwards my son laughing his head off as to my actions getting from the back seat to the front and him sitting at the steering wheel.

Not realy a racing or street story, well we did cross the road... Luckily nothing was coming down the street...


Had a similar thing happen. The job at the time had me driving a ragged out Dodge Dakota as a work truck. I was up under the dash one morning trying to get the radio to work and I bumped it out of gear and never noticed that I was starting to roll backwards across the parking lot. I got a surprise when I felt the impact. Of all the vehicles to roll into, I rolled into the senior sales rep's vintage, restored '65 Dodge A-100. Fortunately we met bumper to bumper so no damage was done, at least to the A-100. The 100 had a heavy duty step bumper and all it did was scratch the paint. But it did bend the crap out of the Dakota's bumper. I hated that Dakota. I tried to kill it several times even to the point of t-boning a full-sized Chevy C-20 with it, but the little bastard just wouldn't die.

Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:36 pm
by HUMVEE Driver
One night, two friends and I decided to go drive in this muddy field way out in the middle of nowhere. (I guess I did a lot of stupid things when I was younger.) We were in that same old ’80 F150, and it was 2WD. Thinking we might get stuck, we brought one of those hand crank winch lever things, with like a six-foot chain. But it’s not like we really planned on it, we just threw it in the back of the truck for the hell of it.

So we get out to the field and I’m driving around and tearing up the mud and puddles, etc. We're laughing and having a good time. I head in a little deeper towards some trees and of course I don’t see the three foot wide creek there. The front wheels bounce hard, and I made the spilt second decision to try and use my momentum to get over it rather than stop and back up. The problem was I wasn’t going very fast, and even as I gave it gas the rear wheels dropped in. We lurched to a stop. Forward/reverse, no movement; all I could go was rock it a little. We were stuck. Stuck way out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

We get out to survey the damage. We’re fucked. We try two of us pushing with me rocking the truck forward and back, but we’re just digging it in deeper.

We remember the winch thing, but there is nowhere to hook it to… except for one scrawny-ass tree. It was maybe five inches around, and just close enough for our chain. That little tree was our only chance.

The chain barely reached it, and we got it wrapped around the front bumper. Then we levered it up tight, and rocked the truck while levering it even more. Slowly, one inch at a time, with that tree starting to lean hard, but that awesome little tree held. Finally the rear wheels caught traction and we were free!

But… we had nowhere to go. We had to turn around to get back to the road, and we were trapped between the creek and a forest. We walked all the way from one end of the creek to the other for a better spot to cross it, but there wasn’t any place that we could cross.

I considered just flooring it and crashing over the creek, but the risk was too much. If we broke a tie rod or something, we’d REALLY be fucked.

In the pale moonlight, I took a look at our surroundings and what we had to work with. There was an old, scrapped car and a few piles of random junk. I came up with an idea… we would build a bridge.

I rallied the troops, saying “Alright people, let’s move like we got a purpose.”

Using an old shovel that I had (for some reason) in the bed of the truck, we pried off the old car’s doors. We filled the narrowest part of the creek with junk, and put the doors over the junk like two ramps. It seemed like it would work, but our makeshift bridges were none too stable. We would only have one shot at this.

To make matters worse, the location was right by the trees. I wouldn’t have very much room to build up any speed, and the mud wasn’t helping. So we decided to have my two friends push the truck as I drove, just in case I lost traction.

The moment of truth. I revved the engine up and let the clutch out fast, but still being careful to keep traction in the mud. The truck sped forward and as I reached the bridges I floored it.

I forgot to put on my seatbelt and the truck rocked hard. I was getting tossed around and I struggled to keep the wheel straight and my foot on the gas. The front wheels bounced hard over the bridges but I kept the truck going. Then the rear wheels, and I could feel my buddys pushing, keeping the momentum up.

The rear wheels bounced hard, and I was over! I laid on the horn over and over, celebrating. I didn’t want to stop, so I happily drove back to the road and let my friends run to catch up.

We yelled and cheered all the way home. We had to stop at one of those do-it-yourself car washes to spray off all the mud on the truck. Then we went home

Everything was fine until a few days later when my dad opened the hood for something or other and saw the engine coated with mud. I told him that I had a friend who lived down a dirt road, and he let it go.

So that was another crazy night. What a crash course in how to adapt, improvise, and overcome!


Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:05 am
by Big Bopper Bart
I have a few stories
Story 1.
This was about 12 years ago and I decided one nite to floor my 78 Trans Am with a mild 400 Pontiac in it over a set of railroad tracks well Its NOT like the movies as I bashed the shit outta my head and wound up through a chainlink fence. It was like 2 AM and no one was around so i floored it trying to get out as I though the cops would show up anytime. Buut there was one lil prob like th damn fence stuck around the rear axle. I'm driving on the road with part of a fence scraping behind me and finally the damn thing broke free before i hit the main busy road.
Story 2.
14 years ago My brother had an Isuzu pup 2wd and we'd go in this local mud hole. Well one day we floor it between two trees not knowing about the deep rut on one side this making us smash right into one of the trees. Well the fedners was so crushed in that the 33 inch mud tires my bro afroengineered on his truck were rubbing. So off came his fender and it was left in the woods and when we hit a local habib store for gas here we are in a muddy ass truck missing more parts than a leper LOL
Story 3
I had a 77 Ford F100 that was sooo rusty that I swore me and the cab were gonna take a hard left when I took a hard right. I fabbed the "custom exhaust" aka one single cobbled cherry bomb and I was booking it down I95 and the muffler decided to fly off and spin across the highway and my engine was now roaring and when i let off after freaking and punshing it i failed to realize the lack of back pressure and my exhaust made a sound like a shotgun going was lat in the evening and the sun was almost down and the bottum of my truck made a HUUUGE flash and cars swerved outta my way wondering wtf was going on

Re: Memorable street encounters/racing stories

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:08 pm
by the armourer
I was just at the machinist's watching him punch my 383 .030" over and we got talking about component failures. Back when we first put the straight-drive in the Cuda after frying the Torqueflite, I was in a rush to get her back on the road. So when I bought the clutch, I was informed that the disc was back-ordered from Hays approximately 3-4 weeks. Called everywhere locally and no luck. I've always been a Hay's fan, but the not wanting to wait forced me to buy a Zoom. So everything went together fine and the Hays/Zoom combination seemed to work fine. So a few weeks pass and Dearborn Dave and me are out and about late one Friday night. We stop at the convenience store my girlfriend was working at and we ran into a body man, a Chevy guy, I knew from Winter Haven. So after some good natured bantering and trash-talking, we departed at the same time and pulled out onto the road together. Dave was driving. Now about my friend Dearborn Dave Farley, Dave in a mechanical genius. He has forgotten more about the internal combustion engine then most people ever learn. A dyed in the wool Ford guy, he is also one of the best wheel men I know. A natural driver, especially with a straight-drive. So quick you can barely see his hands and feet move. He can make a 4-speed sound like an automatic. One of his signature psych-out moves is to grab all 4 gears during a burn-out. It really messes with the other guy. So there we are side by side at a slow roll and the other fellow shouts, "Get on it!!" and hammers the throttle. So Dave brings the 340 up to about 4500 and side-steps the clutch. The Cuda bit hard and launched. We rolled up to 7000 and he power-shifted second. The 10 inch McCrarey's bit hard again and up came the nose. A split second later, it sounded like a bomb went off underneath the car and sparks were flying everywhere. The 340 free revved, pegging the needle on the tach past 8000 as Dave quickly killed the ignition. We rolled un-powered into the Nissan dealer lot, followed by my bodywork friend. After a quick is everyone OK?, we got to looking at what happened. Looking underneath, we could see that the dust cover on the bottom of the bellhousing was gone and the right side exhaust was hanging funny. I pushed in on the clutch and heard metal hitting the asphalt. Dave came up with 3 pieces of the clutch disc that had fallen out. Not a good sign. The pedal felt a bit weird but we understood why. So next we fired her up. She sounded ok but was very loud. It seems a piece of the disc not only tore off the dust cover, it also cut through all 4 primary tubes about 3 inches forwards of the collector. Well, we knew what we'd be doing the rest of the night. Dave hitched a ride to his folk's place and borrowed his dad's 1 ton Ford pickup and a tow chain. We hooked up and headed back to my garage. Of course we had to drive right past a local hang-out and of course we caught the light in front of that hang-out and there was much laughter and finger pointing from the Chevy guys at my having to be towed in. I was so embarrassed. I knew we should have waited until about 3-4am, but, oh well. So we got her home and up on the stands. Pulled the trans and bellhousing and pressure plate. All that was left of that Zoom disc was the center hub and it was mangled. The marcel was totally gone, except for the part still riveted between the facings of the 3 pieces, and only 1 dampener spring was left. The disc had totally disintegrated. The pressure plate and the flywheel was fine amazingly enough. So I go down to the speed shop in the morning, disc remains in hand, shopping for a new disc and a set of headers. The headers were in stock. Called around everywhere again, no Hays discs. So against my better judgement, another Zoom goes in and we're back on the streets. About 3 weeks later, I'm noticing a funny vibration in the pedal and I start to hear a chirping sound. Out comes the trans again and looked over the clutch. Plate and flywheel ok, but the disc had cracks radiating outwards from the dampener springs slots. That's it, no more Zoom components. Called down to the speed shop again and told Bobby to find me the proper matching Hays disc no matter how long it took. Had the disc in 6 days. That was 1989. That same plate and disc have been in 3 other cars since then and was in the Valiant when I sold it last year. The 340 and the plate/disc have just been dropped into a 67 Dart last week. With the Coronet project moving forward, I wish I'd kept them to go behind the 383. At least I still have the pistol-grip shifter handle.