Hardtop 2009 - Sep 18-20 Echuca Victoria

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Re: Hardtop 2009 - Sep 18-20 Echuca Victoria

Postby cob115 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:49 am

hers some more pics,the vid is of my wife in her coupe
she done well for her first ever go; )
one of the greats of aussi coupe racing was there to talk and take pics Murray carter
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Re: Hardtop 2009 - Sep 18-20 Echuca Victoria

Postby fury frances » Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:22 am

Gasoline wrote:Yes It was a good weekend with a fair amount of stuff to do over the 3 days.
Good to meet up with Pat, Dale and Alan too on the weekend.
Sorry we didn't come to the dinners hosted but its a bit hard with very young kids.

A friend of mine just found some pictures somebody called 'johnnyweb' had posted on "Flickr" and gave me the link. Its Pat and my car parked side by side at the show and shine. Almost the same rego. Both in black tshirts. Interceptor brothers from different states.


This second picture gives the impression that Pats coupe has a tall yellow boot spolier and mine has a red one.

Lol that’s funny. I was going to get my father and brother to go to do the ‘bonding thing’. Anyhow didn’t go to plan, my dad pissed off for a while up that way for a work thing, walked outside on the Sunday and there you were. Those two cars are on my dad’s video camcorder. What a quad inky dink.
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