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How to get the most out of your forum experience!

Postby Bozz » Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:40 pm

Hey gang,

I just wanted to start a thread for the benefit of all forum members, new and um, seasoned.
(Sorry, I have a hard time thinking of myself as @ld even though I am pushing 40...)

The point is to create a quick reference or FAQ for the forum and the best practices within it.

Please feel free to add to this, as I would much rather have help than type it all myself.

What I am thinking of is something like this:

Q: What an amazing forum! How can I find out the answer to my specific question? (like who in the world has built a replica Kwaka?)

A: The first thing you should do is do an extensive forum search. While the forum interface defaults to the few months of discussions, there are literally YEARS of forum discussions online and search able. Chances are that your question has come up before and the answer (or several!) can be found within. Please bear in mind as you search that since the members of this forum come from all corners of the globe chances are that there may be different spellings or names than what you are used to (like tires and tyres or color and colour, trunk/boot, hood/ get the idea) so make sure that you search accordingly. IF your search does not find the kernal of knowledge you are after, then by all means start a new topic in the appropriate forum heading to ask your question and summarily add to the overall knowledge base.


Best Practice Suggestion: If you are new to the forum, welcome! We suggest that your first post should be an introduction to the community. Tell us a little about yourself and why you are passionate about Mad Max. Chances are that there are several folks who share your direct interest and there may even be a few like minded Mad Max fans in your part of the globe. The best and fastest way to find those people is simply to introduce yourself!


Best Practice Suggestion: Welcome to the Mad Max Forum! Please conduct yourself with courtesy and common sense within this forum. We do occasionally have members who are minors, so please keep all discussions and attached content family friendly whenever possible. We also encourage you to keep an open mind and to remember to choose your words carefully. When we communicate solely by our typed words it is nearly impossible to pick up on the subtleties of the spoken word. (for example, sarcasm can be completely lost unless it is specifically noted and folks can unintentionally be offended by your attempt at humor!) We can only guess at the intended 'tone' of your words, and individuals can sometimes guess wrongly and take offense when none was intended. Remember that the goal of this forum is to allow like minded fans to share their 'Mad-ness' with others who appreciate it!

Bear in mind that I am NOT a moderator, and if Peter or any of the other mods think the idea of a FAQ here is a waste of time, then by all means delete it.

It just occurs to me (as a frequent user of other professional forums (like AVSForum or Apple User Groups) I have been able to get the most out of them by understanding how they operate. I can't tell you how many times the intarweb has solved my problem by effectively searching a forum not unlike this one.

Onward and Upward!

"Bit's o this, bit's o that..."
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