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Re: Damn punks

Postby fury frances » Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:04 pm

eastern suburbs of Victoria, 2 out of 5 cars you can bet to be a white lowered duff-duff commodore with badly applied window tinting, or a neon covered skyline, with the stupid turbo. now everyone make the sound with me "sssssssssssooooo.... to-to to-to to-to to-to to-to to-to." :shock:

i can't tell if my distaste towards these cars is because of my own generalisation of them or the guys/girls who drive them; unlucky for me then since both of my cousins drive the duff-duff commodore's and when my young brother comes of age in the near months, he shall join the ranks.

sometimes it just doesn't make sense to me, maybe being a girl i have that logical, common sense thing about me. burnouts in parking lots and factory estates, in the middle of the night for what or who? and you still wonder why your buying new setts of tyres so often. well you get that putting rims on your car that look as if they belong on your push bike.
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Re: Damn punks

Postby Redd4 » Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:48 am

Here it's some small-testicled schmucks on loud motorcycles, both the biker kind and the rice-rocket kind, who like to wind them out all the way down the street. But there's a curve a little ways toward the main intersection, and one of these nights I'm going out and coating it with 30 weight. Not enough to cause a car trouble, other than a minor slip, but it should give the two wheelers some excitement.
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