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Two lane remake/rip-off...

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:13 pm
by Nightwalker
I'm a long time lover of the old 1971 movie Two-lane Blacktop. Seen it numerous times from DVD, but recently bought it on Blu-ray. So, also looked it up on iMDB again. And to my surprise, also Two Lane Blacktop, a movie to be released in 2017, popped up. Again with James Taylor as the driver (rumored). But this time it is about two hot rod racers take a challenge to race across the nation for pink slips not knowing that there competitor is a serial killer.

I don't have an idea what to think about this project. This could be a good, but heavily modified, remake. But it could also turn out to be an absolute piece of insult to the classic original.

Re: Two lane remake/rip-off...

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:10 am
by RobThom
I guess a serial killer makes it more interesting?
But doesn't that completely change the beautifully subtle existential tone of the original?
Now we've got the Driver versus Freddie Kruger?

The writer "Jay Hopper" has even written himself into the script as a character named "Jay", played by somebody else.
And given himself credit as being "known for Two-Lane Blacktop" on his IMDB page.

If this ever happens you bet the farm on a full blown braindead trainwreck IMO.

How did he get the goddamn rights to do this terrible act?
This was an independant movie. You would think that the rights would be owned by Hellman or somebody with a little more class then to let this even get to the rumor stage.
Maybe Hellman is channeling his inner Roger Corman in his old age.

BTW: If you want to check out a cool movie with some originality about a serial killer on a road trip, go ahead and stick with Kalifornia.
No muscle cars but they do have one of those 4 door Lincoln convertibles that they shot kennedy in.