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Ford Catalogues

Postby Phil1 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:50 pm

While I was in the process of making my Black Interceptor, and was gathering information to make the Yellow one, I got a C.D. via E-Bay, which is titled 'FORD Factory Parts Catalogues'

This covers the following:

1965-1972 Ford Parts Catalogue

Falcon Articles Info

Falcon AU 1998, 01

Falcon BF 2006, 08

Falcon EA, EB, ED, NA, NC Workshop Manual

Falcon EA-EB-ED, NA, NC Parts-Assembly Catalogue

Falcon EF-EL Falcon Workshop Manual

Falcon EF-EL Parts Assembly Catalogue

Ford 6CY and V8 Info

Ford 351 Cleveland Engines, How To Build

Ford Capri 1969-1970 Parts Catalogue

Ford XA-XB ZF-ZG Parts Assembly Catalogue

Ford XA-ZF Workshop Manual

Ford XA LTD-Landau Hardtop Parts-Assembly

Ford XC-ZH Fairlane 500-Marquis Workshop Manual 1976-1978

Ford XD Falcon Workshop Manual

Ford XD XE ZJ ZK FC FD Parts-Assembly Catalogue

Ford XF-ZL-FE Parts Assembly Catalogue

Ford XK-XL-XM-XP Parts-Assembly Catalogue

Ford XR-XY ZA-ZD Parts Assembly Catalogue

302-351 Engine Manual

351 Cleveland V8

Basic cams valves and exhaust systems

Haynes Gregory's - Spray Painting

Haynes The Car Body Repair Manual 1986

Sheet Metal Handbook

All of these are in PDF....if anyone is interested, PM me your E-Mail and I'll send them on :-)
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Re: Ford Catalogues

Postby Taipan » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:08 pm

Hey Phil!

I'm interested, please PM me:)
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Re: Ford Catalogues

Postby Phil1 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:09 pm

Since I started this Topic, I noticed that some of the Files are beyond the 25M Limit for E-Mails, and a number of them are *WAY* beyond the 25M Limit!!

So....while I will continue to send the ones I can to Taipan (either via E-Mail or by using the suggestion that was made), here is the Link to the C.D. that I got the Files from: ... 2749.l2649

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