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Plots, Settings and Formats

Postby owenmp » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:04 am

When should Mad Max 4 take place?

* Before Mad Max: Includes the formation of the MFP, the Breaker Squad and the hiring of Max.

* Between Mad Max and Mad Max 2: Features how Max found Dog and modified the Black on Black to have increased fuel capacity.

* Between Mad Max 2 and Mad Max 3: Shows what happened to Max driving the Lone Wolf and how he found his wagon train.

* After Mad Max 3: The movie would hopefully show Max acquiring a new vehicle.

What storylines should be featured in Mad Max 4?

* Max has to fight a massive vehicle like a Terex Titan as featured in the Fury Road Fan Trainer on YouTube.

* Max encounters his former MFP comrades again.

* Max is reunited with the Feral Kid.

* The Feral Kid enters the Wasteland to prove he is worthy for leadership. In this storyline, the film may be only about the Feral Kid and his highway battles with Max making a minor appearance.

* Wez survived and chases Max continuously through the film, preferably with a powerful/heavily armed/large vehicle. :mrgreen:

* Max is reunited with Fifi. The few MFP officers are going to escort a convoy of civilian survivors right after the nuclear strikes to a safer area. Road gangs have different ideas on this "puny" plan. The gands do not know Max is given a new MFP Interceptor (or other powerful vehicle) in exchange for joining the MFP. :mrgreen:

Could Mad Max 4 take place outside of Australia? Would the radioactive wastelands of the U.S., Russia or the Middle East featuring highway combat be interesting enough to compensate for not having an Australian setting? Would seeing what else has happened elsewhere on Mad Max Earth be interesting?

Would Mad Max 4 be suited better as a television series instead of a motion picture? I remember in the late 1990s there were plans to produce a Mad Max television series without Mel Gibson but it never progressed beyond initial planning.

Could Mad Max 4 be animated? Would computer graphics or classic animation be acceptable?

I am not involved in Mad Max 4 production (I wish!) however we can always dream and perhaps George Miller may visit this board someday and become gain inspiration. :D
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