Miler talks mad max 4.

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Miler talks mad max 4.

Postby nolovingplace » Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:37 am

December 12th.

Movie hole interview.

[div]Image Mad Max[/div]I must admit that I am not exactly whipped on the Mad Max franchise. I know that somehow the film[/font] is a violent classic with Mel Gibson[/font] so speechless he wouldn't have had a chance to speak a Jew reference if he wanted to. In short, I could never get into it; but I tried!

There are those, however, that are stoked on the resurgence of the franchise and couldn't be happier to have George Miller working on a Mad Max 4: Fury Road. [/font]

[size=150]George Miller Talks Mad Max 4: Fury Road[/size]

Clint over at
[color=#0000ff size=3]MovieHole[/color] has recently alerted us that he has had a chance to talk to George Miller and try to figure out who the director was thinking of having lead this film. As it turns out, his brain is still all [color=#0000ff size=3]Happy Feet[/color].[/font]

Trying to get an answer out of director George Miller about who'll be replacing the deserting Mel Gibson for the next "Mad Max"
movie[/font] - which has been in the works for a good five years or so, now - is like biting into a searing slice of pizza without getting the top of your mouth scalded: almost impossible.

It's quite a thing then, when Miller decides to give us the scoop on who'll be playing the Road Warrior without much arm-twisting at all.

"Magda will play Mad Max", jokes Miller, who worked with Szubanski on both "Babe"
films[/font] and now, "Happy Feet". "There ya go - put that in the article. Her names already close enough to Max.... Magda... so yeah. There's a scoop!". [/font]

In all seriousness, says Miller - in town to promote his newest film, the family-comedy "Happy Feet" - he hasn't got anybody firm in his mind for the role, but every man (or in this case 'Max') and his dog do seem to want to play the part.

"I've had a number of young well-known actors express a lot of interest", Miller, who was a practicing physician before leaving the world of medicine to join friend Byron Kennedy on a quest to make films.

The interview goes on with a discussion of the updated Max and whether Miller plans to go forward with another Babe installment.

Check out the interview over at

Stay tuned for updates[/font]

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