Possible MM4 story lines

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Possible MM4 story lines

Postby boominb » Wed Mar 21, 2007 7:29 pm

I think it would be great if they continued off the ending of the road warrior (with mel standing there while everyone leaves him all alone stranded in the middle of nowhere) with mel being alot older now he could play an old washed up max that has grown tired and careless for anyone and anything ....who lives out in the wasteland away from civilization. a weak and alone max who has given up all hope but suddenly after all these years something sparks him to need to get back on the road again....to cruise the wasteland in search of what he forgot was out there all these years..........blah blah blah!!!! that would be cool!
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Possible MM4 story lines

Postby Taipan » Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:48 am

i think -

Max is again wandering through the wastelands, and all of a sudden falls into a hole in the ground. Falling on his ass pretty hard he discovers that he fell into the REAL GYROCAPTAIN'S (not that pinhead from MMBT) underground home. They have a couple of drinks, remember the good times, and then Gyrocaptain reveals his secret. Gyro is gay!! All the lingerie talk and playboy pics were just a decoy, in reality he was always turned on by max's hot, wrapped in leather ass. And he was never looking at the compound, drinkin' tea, playing mahjong, thinking how to get his hands on the gas. He was w**king off to Wez's bare naked butt, while looking through his monocular.

Max's disgusted, feeling betrayed, he wants to walk away, but wait! Gyrocaptain has one more in his sleeve. HE'S MAX'S LOST BROTHER!!!. But that's not all...Humungus is their cousin!!! That's right, he IS their cousin. Apparently wearing a facemask saved him from the head-on collision with a Mac truck. Max's got to think it over. He cannot stand it. He leaves, and heads north to meet with his son...THE FERAL KID!! The kid is almost human now, yet still resembling his mother....THE DOG - Max's truthful companion, lover...and finally a mother.

Production notes - everybody's riding pink bicycles, except Max (he's got a black one). Max's modified bicycle outruns most of the bicycles of the wasteland, because ht's got a 10-speed.
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