McCarthy QUOTE Aug 22 2005

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McCarthy QUOTE Aug 22 2005

Postby Nightwalker » Thu Nov 03, 2005 6:18 pm

Quote: Originally posted by woodz on 03 November 2005

i know exactly what your saying.. i work in the motortrade and people just don't have a clue! changing a fuse or bulb is beyond a lot of ppl!

i fix my own cars,, bikes,, pc's.. home repairs.. mainly coz i'm tight and refuse to pay some fecker for stuff i can do myself lol.....

IF there was a global disaster 75% of people would die waiting for someone to help them or feed em!

hopefully i'll be in the 25% looking for fuel or ways to make it! Image

I also fix most thing myself. At least the same things you named. Also because of the money and I like to fix my own stuff.

Quote: Originally posted by Biker on 04 November 2005

I wonder how many of us here with a fascination for the Mad Max films etc actually have contingency plans or at least some food and supplies stashed away should even a mild natural disaster occur? Such as being cut off from the local supermarket by a snow drift or such. It's usually not until you're rolling down the road on a flat tyre that you think; "Damn I should have got that spare fixed"

Know what I mean?


In the early 80's I've bin in such a situation. The village where we lived than and the wide airea around it was blocked by snow. The people were supplyed by helycopter.

Quote: Originally posted by woodz on 04 November 2005

i'd just drive it home lol, f*ck the tyre!

i must admit i don't do forward planning....

snow is a case in point, specially in the UK, no one seems to know how to drive in snow anymore.. inch of snow and the uk grinds to a halt!.. i when i was younger we used to go looking for snow lol

I don't think the wheel likes that.

My first driving lesson was on a day with 15cm of snow and the roads were frozen. that was funImage But my instructor (an old guy) didn't like it.
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"OVERSTEER" is when you hit the fence with the rear of the car.
"HORSEPOWER" is how fast you hit the fence.
"TORQUE" is how far you take the fence with you.
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McCarthy QUOTE Aug 22 2005

Postby Foxtrot X-Ray » Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:31 pm

Lol.. An inch of snow and WE bitch 'cos it's "Hardly worth the effort!"

I think the Vehicle and Home "Emergecny Kit" thing deserves it's own thread.. Someone want to do the honors?
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McCarthy QUOTE Aug 22 2005

Postby lord humungus » Wed Nov 16, 2005 2:17 am

we all knwo the movie is goign to get made miller himself said he will make the movie next in several press statements the only question at this tiem is will it be with or without mel and if the orgianl idea still stands. i like the original idea alot i do. but i wouldn't see it at all if there was no mel and hardly any cars or trucks. and please for go sakes no more pig sh*t. but otherwise this is what it is...either the greatest moment in a mad amx fans life since road warrior hit theaters or the worst thign to happen to mad max since thunderdome. we'll all jsut have to wait and see i'm not not holding my breathe for the movie to be made i'm not hold my breathe however for mel to be back cause he goes back and fourth on wantign to do it and not.
lord humungus
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McCarthy QUOTE Aug 22 2005

Postby mad dai » Mon Dec 12, 2005 7:28 pm

è[color="white"]HI i am new to this site even though i have been a fan of the films since 1980 .We need a fourth film to make things right. The first film was to me LIFE CHANGING .The second film was good .The third film was not good as it should have been........Dont get me wrong MAX is my hero and has been for 25 years .Istill watch the first one now with as much exitment as i did all those years ago ....It is only now that i have found out that they used falcons....Iam very glad to have found like minded souls.............[/color]
mad dai
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McCarthy QUOTE Aug 22 2005

Postby HUMVEE Driver » Mon Dec 12, 2005 8:17 pm

I think we've seen the last of Jonny the Boy. He simply did not have the guts to cut off his own foot. Even if he did, it would be very hard for him to cut his own foot in that position, laying on his back. MAYBE if he could have braced it against the ground, but not dangling from a chain. No way. Then there is the time between Max lighting the fuse and the explosion. Watch the movie, there is maybe a minute and a half. Not enough time by a longshot. If by some miracle he did survive, again, Jonny does not have the guts, brains, or attitude to become some gang warlord. He was a follower, and a weak one at that. Jonny's dead.

About Thunderdome, I say it was a good sequel, but not a good movie. I feel it was the logical progression for the story to take. Society would have became somewhat organized again, not a 'good' society, but not exactly evil either. There has to be some law and order or no one will stay together anyway. That is why a true warlord like Humungus wouldn't make it there. He might have a core group of followers, but no way could he impose his will over the (thousands?) of people at Bartertown. Without someone to conquer, Humungus has no purpose. But he's dead too so it doesn't matter anyway.

I too missed the violence of MM2 in Thunderdome, but that is the way it would be in such a world. The random killing and looting were still there, but only out in the wastelands. Auntie's 'laws' kept mostly everyone safe. "You're civilized."

As cool and nostalgic as it would be to see Jonny/Goose/Fife/May Swazye again, that world is forever gone. Jonny is dead, Goose could never recover from his injuries, Fife might be alive, but too old to do much, and May would probably be an invalid if she was still even alive. The only chance for some kind of flashback would be seeing the Interceptor in one form or another. There was a cool idea floating around a while back about a 'resurrected' Interceptor; crispy and full of dents. A cool idea, but in that world it is almost technically impossible for such a thing to happen. In Thunderdome we saw all the vehicles as being pieced together with nothing recognizable as any kind of stock car. So anyone with the idea of a fully restored, functional, shiny black Interceptor is crazy. Any vehicle at all would have been used and modified, especially a top-of-the-line Interceptor. I think the best chance to see the the beloved BoB again is for someone to come across an abandoned MFP garage with mostly junk inside. But that someone then somehow has the means, skill, desire, and opportunity to put together some kind of vehicle. "A piece from here, a piece from there." A cross between a Thunderdome car and the MM2 Interceptor. I say, it could happen. You can't keep a guy like Max down for long.

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