MY idea for a Mad Max film

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MY idea for a Mad Max film

Postby austenbosten » Wed Jun 22, 2005 5:03 am

I sure hope no one thought of this before, but I bet they have. after watching MM3, and comparing it to a Disney film, I decided to get back to the roots of Mad KILLER Muscle Cars! and leather_clad wearing dudes. I decided to watch Mad Max, on AMC channel, after watching it, I wondered what was the real friendship between Max and Goose, and I decided that a prequel to Mad Max must be made, and this way a new Mad Max film could be made, without begging Mel to play, since he would only have a brief cameo apperance. In this idea, it takes the film Mad Max, back to when the world was on the brink of Total War!.

It is 1976, The US, and Russians have sparked the Cold War, since both were afraid of Nuclear Armageddon, the war was conventional. But since it was conventional, all nations including Australia, had to halt all trading. This means Australia, would have no exports, or imports, meaning Australia's economy would be cut. Due to this recession, many factories shut down, and production of new cars ceased, since it was pointless to waste materials on vehicals no one would buy. Hence, why all the vehicals in Mad Max were a little outdated. Due to this almost bankrupt government, Police Stations, Hospitals, Fire Stations began to shut down. Australia's government tried to reason w/ the ppl. But instead a new party was established at running the collapsing Australia. During the years of govenrment beuacracy, the outback of Australia became very dangerous, forcing the government to establish a curfue in the "interior". When the new government was established the Australian government desperatly needed a police force to maintain the ever increasing crime rates on the highways.....The Main Force Patrol is born! Led by Fifi Mcaffey, Fifi recruits young men, who wear leather uniforms, as opposed to cloth, since leather is more durable. Roop, Charlie, Sarse, Scuttle, Goose, Dark One, and Max, become the first troopers of the MFP, Here this film will go more in-depth, than the short story from the beginning of the road warrior. It will tell the beginning of the MFP, the collapse of civilization, and the freindship between Goose and Max.

1970-71? - China invades to fight US in Cambodia, US declares war on China

1972 - US, and Russia goes to war

1974- US, and Russia, cease all international trading in fear of infiltration

May,1975- Last ship of crude oil leaves from Sidney Harbor, Australia must now produce its own crude oil

Janurary, 1976- The Automobile manufacturers of Australia cease production of new cars, and make only vehical parts

August, 1976- Automobile factories in Australia cease production, factories closes up

December, 1976- Many government programs are shutting down. Over 500 police and fire stations are bordered up

Janurary, 1977- Crime rates in the interior increase, as police stations decrease

March, 1977- Furious at the lack of progress citizens storm the Australian govenrment, and demand a new leader

June, 1977- The prime minister resigns, along with the party. Australia has only a little over a 100 police officers total. Crime rates surges on higways

September, 1977- A new party takes control, and promises that Australia will get back on its feet by the end of next year

Feburary, 1978- Higways become riddle with outlaws a curfew is ordered, but cannot be enforced. the interior becomes very dangerous. Crime rates 10 times higher than 3 years ago.

May, 1978- The Main Force Patrol is established, to help enforce the lawless highway, only a handful join the force.

June, 1978- The MFP designates areas that are too dangerous to pass, they are called "Forbidden Zones"

July, 1978- The Nightrider terrorizes towns, and higways, becomes MFP's enemy #1

August, 1978- The Dark One is killed by the Nightrider, Max vowes to put Nightrider behind bars.

September, 1978- Max captures the Nightrider, Max becomes Fifi's best cop.

October, 1978- A "new" Pursuit special is designed to chase faster cars, is unveiled. It is a modified Holden HQ LS Monaro.

1979?- Nightrider escapes, steals the pursuit special, the legacy of "Mad" Max Rockatansky begins.....

what do you think?

Long live the Goose!

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MY idea for a Mad Max film

Postby 04GTInterceptor » Wed Jun 22, 2005 11:35 pm

Great ideas. The time-line and details are good, I like it. Many of us also write Mad Max "fan fiction" stories. I'm sure you can put your ideas into a great story.
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