My Own Idea For a Remake

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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby BrentJackson » Thu Mar 24, 2005 3:15 am

With Fury Road seemingly on hold (or gone - which I hope it isn't), I decided I could make my own ideas up about it.

Well, here's what I got.

Another sequel wouldn't be that helpful - there are already two of them. A remake with modern vehicles and situations would be awesome, though. But no Thunderdomes or stupid stuff - its a post-apocalyptic future, set in a different locale - Australia is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I think it needs to be newer. South Africa's Great Karoo and Drakensberg Mountains would be cool, which leads up the coast to Cape Town, or the Western US in the deserts and mountains of the Southwest, and the storyline leads the main character north into the Pacific Northwestern states, and the cities of Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada. Terrain would be gorgeous.

The cars? The MFP is back, but with modern vehicles. Max (Vin Diesel, Mel Gibson is too old now, unfortunately) would have a beast based off a Holden Monaro (which is sold in the US as the Pontiac GTO). Black on black, with white graphics and BBS wheels, and a 8-71 Weiand Blower stickign through the hood. Widebody, a NASCAR-style spoiler. The MFP would drive Cadillac CTS sports sedans, as well as a few authentic Ford Falcons (new ones) and R34 Nissan Skyline sedans. The equivalent of Goose (wrestler Randy Orton or Nick Stahl) would ride a bike, a done up Ducati 999R or Suzuki Hayabusa. The MFP cars would be silver with blue and red graphics, wide widebodies, V8 Supercar bodywork in the case of the Falcons, deep-dish wheels and for the Cadillacs, NASCAR-style rear spoilers. The boss (Mel Gibson) would have a Mercedes-Benz or BMW luxury sedan.

The bad guys would be a mixture of cars and motorcycles. The Toecutter equivalent (Edward Notron or John Travolta) has a car, a Dodge Magnum (a US sport sedan - V8 and rear drive before anybody asks) that looks menacing. The bikes would be various Suzuki pieces, including Hayabusas and their cruiser-style motorcycles. The gang has other cars, various newer rides including Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang muscle cars and a bunch of pickups and SUVs.

The twist is that there is also a number of vigilantes on the road, beyond the MFP. A couple of these would be prominent. Those would be a black man (Ice Cube) in a late-model Ford Mustang, a girl (wrestler Trish Stratus) in a dune buggy with a Chevrolet V8, and a whacked-out, mad trucker (Hugh Jackman) in a huge Mack or Peterbilt truck with a large trailer and a huge front collision bar. All are armed to the teeth - shotguns, submachines guns like Tec 9s, big .45 pistols, grenades) and so are the bad guys and the MFP.

The story starts as Max. The Nightrider guy (Michael Biehn) is in a souped-up Nissan 350Z, flying down the road with a bunch of cops on his tail in the mountains. one car gets put out the chase by a collision with a truck, another has a big rollover. Guy's looking good - until he hits Max and one of the Falcons. They fly across the desert at very high speed, chased by Goose on the bike. They try to blaze through a town in the desert, where the Goose falls off. The guy tries to outrun a train to a level crossing and loses, getting smoked by the train, which causes the car to explode into a million pieces.

The Toecutter isn't happy about this, and the biker gang goes after the cop station, which leads to a wild shootout in one of the police bases. Several bikers are felled by gunfire, but a bunch takeoff. Goose and Max in the Falcon take off after them, but the bikes are simply too fast for even for even the big Falcon. Clips of several other scenes are shown, including one of the Cadillacs getting turned into scrap when it smashes through a house and one pair of cops shooting two guys off their bikes. Goose tries to drive home in his own car (2005 Ford Mustang) but gets intercepted and murdered. Max's girlfirend is also slaughtered by the gang as they sleep in his home. This of course, pushes him over the edge. He goes back to the base, grabs the Monaro, and goes for revenge.

The vigilantes know who Max is and know what he's out there to do, and try to help him out. The trucker gets in the way more often than not, but he's often helpful in a pinch. The black man turns on Max, but gets blown away by the woman. The MFP, knowing that while he's acting he is fixing their problem, send several others out to help him. They have modified even more versions of the Skylines. The Toecutter meets his end in the city, as a wild shootout leads to a wild chase though the city, his Magnum unable to outrun the Monaro. He hunts down the other gang members one by one, either shooting them or killing them in their cars or on their bikes.

Plenty of gunfights, explosions and big wrecks. The vigilante woman turns out to be his best friend, the trucker shuts down several of the bikers, and the lawless land ends up having some law - as Mad Max is back, and he's cleaning the highways of the scum that inhabits it.

Not bad, huh? I haven't figured out the characters or things yet, but its something.
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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby Biker » Thu Mar 24, 2005 5:54 am

Actually with all the remakes that Hollywood seems to be churning out of late it's not that bad an idea after all.

However don't expect a favourable response from the die hard MM purists but I like the idea... just so long as it's recognisable as a Mad Max film and not some rehash of those awful Fast and Furious films featuring plastic fantastics with neon lights etc.

On first impressions I like your idea. Certainly gives food for thought. All youhave to do now is forward your idea to Paramount. Universal productions and the rest of the big guns LOL!

Well I like the idea what do the rest of you say?

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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby PULSE » Thu Mar 24, 2005 1:40 pm

Not bad at all.. I have also said in other threads that I think this would be a wise way to go ("a remake vs. a sequel"). My idea would be to use the original scrip though (to a point) and add in some of the things Miller couldn't afford to do (rumors of un filmed chases, cut scenes, the dark one, etc). Not knowing the original intent of Miller with the Dark One, I would use it as the starting to Max's madness... IE: the Dark One is transporting or guarding a prisoner (the night rider) who escapes ether killing him or taking him hostage. (the dark one is young, Max's new partner, Max's and goose's new friend and fellow in arms. They are his mentors. He's gotten the nick name because he's new and nervous, always a doom and gloom kind of guy, but not in a bad way just naive) His death is what starts Max over the edge. (If it was a hostage situation, I was thinking a cool way to play it out would be... Announcement on radio (as in original, pursuit as original "updated a bit" as max joins pursuit he pushes NR in the stol'den Holden Imageto the edge faster and faster. As they approach some road work near an overpass, NR swerves to miss some debris and hits the incline under the overpass causing the car to catch big air and roll mid flight. In the roll the trunk flies open and out falls the Dark one to his death. The Holden hit and explodes (see similarity to original?) Max is angry and wants revenge but also feel responsible (if he hadn't pushed so hard it may not have ended in the D 1's death) it starts his path to madness. He doesn't feel like a hero anymore, he feels he's beocming just like them. He thinks about quiting, but the Toe Cutter is angry for his loss of NR. He's taking it out on the public and gunning for Max and the rest of the MFP) I've actually got a transcript of the movie and some sections of script I've been playing around with for this very purpose..

I like your idea of having it be a little more urban... Show the cities in disarray like the halls of justice.

I like your choices of actors and vehicles for the most part, absolutely love the idea of using Mel as the Fifi character... May be use Tina as the horse faced singer in the bar...LOL . You could have goose turn her down and go off with some hottie

But yes keep the original feel "rough/edgy" Little to no CGI, no laser cannons, not so high tech, as just undated a tad...

Good thinking Brent! good thinking indeed...

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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby bert » Tue Mar 29, 2005 4:40 pm

VIN DIESEL? no. nono. vin diesel's best roles are his non-talkative ones, but he still wouldn't be a good max.

'a souped-up Nissan 350Z'


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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby BrentJackson » Fri Apr 01, 2005 10:09 pm

Just outside Toronto, Canada is where I am.

As for the Fast and the Furious, come of the cars in both are hideous. I've been trying to draw the cars in mind for months, but I suck too much to do it very well.

And there are other actors. But Vin Diesel was the first idea. If you have other suggestions, I'm certainly wanting to hear them.

Said Nissan 350Z won't be one of the cars from the Fast and The Furious. I had the idea of more like Sport Compact Car's project car - looks good, but not way overblown.
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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby Tom Millan » Sun Apr 03, 2005 1:27 am

That idea for the remake you proposed looks as cool as ice and as hot as 3000 horse powered vengeance. I agree, you should submit it to the studios. I'd say that your idea stands a good chance of getting in- good chance. You live in Ontario? I live in Alberta and am taking advantage of the flat lands of central Alberta. Spring weather is my target for visuality purposes on camera- everything looks muddy, worn down and depressing- it looks dead. The Fort McMurray area has already been shot by me for visuality purposes as well. I filmed just about every refinery in Alberta.

Been away for awhile fellas. Just passing through. Looks as though production for "The Roads Most Wanted" aka "Corpse Road" might be fired up again this spring and summer. I will try to break it up into 23 minute long serials and have it as a temporary series. As I said before, if the production fails, I'm not worried about it. I will make a copy of the footage and trailers that were shot before the scrap. A comic book and novel will be written about the film. Hopefully the comic book (not intended for anyone under 18) sets a trend like the Heavy Metal comics did. I'll try to shoot, draw and write the project between my paving and roofing projects.Image

Read about my idea I sent in for "Die Hard 4" which can be read at

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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby SAM B R.W » Thu Apr 14, 2005 6:48 am

no no no no, we need to stick to the fords, a gtp. and vin diesel ?? cmon man
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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby Big Bopper Bart » Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:15 am

yeah jeezus Christ Vin f**king Diesel??i mean his name is drenched with arrogance and he sucks as an actor anyway Hollywierd is sh*tting out movie's that are utterly forgettable and watch when Vins carreer goes down the sh*tter which it is now ,he'll change his name to Chad Nitro or some cliche'd sh*t like that
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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby 9 inch » Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:26 am

it could be worse.he could have listed jean-claude van damme as max.maybe vin diesel would be better as charlie.
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My Own Idea For a Remake

Postby Big Bopper Bart » Fri Apr 15, 2005 9:34 am

LOL i can hear Jean Claude now..'tuuu des ugoh eh soo diss veeehicaaal thet cood hull dat tankaaaaar,deux monsuer want to git out uf heaaarrr? tak tuu meh haw haaaaw wee weee'
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