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Postby MFP 4073 » Thu Feb 10, 2005 4:30 pm

If there were a remake or otherwise of a Max film, how good do you think it would be with the use of CG -- let us not forget that some elements that made the first two films so good were the cinemaphotography, camera work, and live stunts. I've read that Miller had every intent in using modern CG in the new film -- how will it be used? I for one am totally bored with Hollywood's over-use of CG in films -- it's as though nobody has the balls to make an action film without it -- even films like Fast and Furious are guilty -- sure there are a few scenes with real driving stunts, but even in that film (and lots of others) CG depicts stupid, unbelievable events -- and there is either nothing left to imagination, and/or there is no charachter -- everything is idealized, and there are no random events -- too predictable. In Max 1, you know that people are putting themselves at great risk because it is really happening. I don't know whether to be happy or sad that the film will likely not be made. There needs to be at least some charachter development too - most people who would go see a new Max film now don't know the character of Max -- if you've not seen MM1, and see RW, who cares about Max? - RW works because you can see a hidden history there -- same goes with MM1 as even the minor charachters have quirkey, hidden histories - something has to port the charachter to a new audience and redevelop the charachter so that people care - who wants to watch a bunch of fake violence with 2D characters? -- that is not a Max film -- you can see that everywhere else. The film would have to stand alone, yet tie into the other films -- that's a tall order. BTD isn't so bad, but it's different - you care more about the children in that film -- that's the motivating force, just as in the first film -- it leaves you with a sense that what is going though Max's head is "I couldn't save my own, but I had a hand in furthering the lives of other children" -- where else can the story go anyway -- the more I think about it, I think a fourth sequel would have to really suck -- then again, I am not George Miller! -- I almost want to see what he had up his sleeve -- could he do it where the rest of us would most assuredly fail?
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Computer Graphics

Postby SPAZ » Thu Feb 10, 2005 5:25 pm

NO CG belongs in a Max film

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Computer Graphics

Postby PULSE » Thu Feb 10, 2005 5:43 pm

I agree...... And like MFP 4073 mentions... I think with the possible canx of Fury Road, I would love to see a remake.... I know I know "what about Mel" "he's the only Max" I agree he's the first and the best but before Mel there was no Mel and no Max.. "Max isn't Mel, Mel only played Max..." I think sometimes we get that backwards... I'm sure they could find some one to play a good Max... Look at all the remakes that are going on out there now "Their even doing Omega Man!".. I think MM is a great candidate for a remake... "However with that said I would be pretty worried about who to entrust our beloved Mad Max to"

The character Max is strong enough to exist without Mel, and with the right actor, director and production team, I for one would welcome a remake....... I need it.... We deserve it... How many other films (especially those in remake now) have a fan base like MM or a site like this one ("all hail the great Peter Barton"). If they think these latest batch of remakes could be profitable... Where are their head on Max???? It would again break records I'm sure.....especially with out CGI!!!!!

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Computer Graphics

Postby bert » Thu Feb 10, 2005 10:54 pm

I think Mad Max 4 could do well without Mel Gibson, I actually think it'd be better without him (BLASPHEMY!!11) :o

Mel Gibson no longer looks like 'a Max', and the world of Mad Max would be bad film material 20 years after Thunderdome. I think the remake should depict events between RW and BT. Thus they'll need a younger actor for the Max role.

About CG.. Look at 2fast 2furious to see how it shouldn't be done. The first race is a mixture of IRL closeups and computer-generated shots. It looks lousy. To put it nicely.

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Computer Graphics

Postby rockatansky4073 » Fri Feb 11, 2005 3:32 am

NO CG. keep it real and raw.

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Computer Graphics

Postby Anklecranker » Sun Feb 13, 2005 2:42 am

CG works....but not for action shots.......sems reasonable for wide angle 'set' scenes.

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Computer Graphics

Postby Biker » Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:34 pm

It's a sad fact of modern life that CGI is here to stay (At least for the foreseeable future) like sound was in the 20's suddenly actors began talking >Gasp!< nowadays we have real actors diving out of skyscrapers backwards and getting shot by Agents (see Matrix Reloaded)

Hollywood film companies can't help but add the CGI stuff in them to make theirs stand outagainst all the films the other companies are producing.

I'm semi reluctant to see a Mad Max 4 ever being made. I think most will agree that Thunderdome was the weakest of the 3, it's quite possible that 4 could be far far worse. Failing that it'll be some unrecognisable Hollywood "candyfloss" type film i.e. No substance, that's churned out to please everyone from my aged Aunt to the playschool in the village. No matter how strong a fan base a film has they are, after all, only a fraction of the market the film producers are aiming the film at. It's the masses they hope to please and thus bring them lots of cash.

However IF a Mad Max 4 is ever made I hope it's done in the same vein as The Crow was. Now that WAS a damn fine and very dark film. A rare thing for Hollywood. Incidently I hear there's going to be another Indiana Jones film starring Harrison Ford... with or without his zimmer frame it's yet to be decided. It'll be interesting to see what thrilling stunts a 60+ year old actor can get up to with, of course, the aid of CGI.

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Computer Graphics

Postby Bubba Fat » Sun Mar 06, 2005 7:39 am

As for star Harrison Ford, at age 61, he's actually a year older than Connery was when he first played Ford's father ... Good idea, or should they let it go just like "Fury Road"?
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Computer Graphics

Postby Tom Millan » Sun Mar 06, 2005 1:42 pm

CG seems to be the norm nowadays in film. I don't think it should dominate the screen though. Good old fashioned miniatures and matte paintings should be used on top of the CGI- alittle of the old and alittle of the new combined. Blade Runner was a fine example of miniatures, excellent lighting and matte paintings.

But anyhoo, I don't worry about what kind of graphics Mad Max 4 will have because there isn't gonna be a Mad Max 4.

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