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Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 11:33 pm
by Deadflowers79

My partner,while at work today,heard this interesting piece of information.

It comes straight from the horse groomer` s mouth...

Mel Gibson wanted a big pay for MAD MAX 4...

He and the owner`s fell out,so the whole thing was off.

Now Pittt has accepted an offer to play MAD MAX..that is all I know

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 1:22 am
by Last_V8
well you need a movie 2 play this role and from what two-lanes thread is saying there aint no movieImage

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 10:15 am
by rockatansky4073
I like BRAD, especially when he USED to act (KALIFORNIA, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, 12 MONKEYS) But he ain't MAX.

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 12:40 am
by Gordon Hayes

True story,

Grant and I sent a 8 X 10 Interceptor picture along to admitted Mad Max fan and XB falcon coupe owner Eric Bana.

(My Number 1 choice is still Matt Day, an unknown actor to you USA guys),

But I reckon Eric Bana could do the job. So we sent him an Interceptor replica picture and explained that he (Eric) was missing from the picture.

We never did hear back from Eric (ha ha .. surprise - surprise).

But we got his postal address form the Australian distributor of Simmons wheels (as Eric used on his XB coupe) so there is a fair chance that he got the picture.

MAX Fans all want a Mad Max 1.5, there will never be another Mel but the new trimmed down (many pounds lighter) Hollywood Eric could do it, and he can even drive an XB coupe on song at full noise.


Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 1:05 am
by XAMan

Hi Gordon

Both great ideas ... Banna would probably be the only one with enough (in fact plenty of) starpower to get the money attached to the film.

Matt Day .... cripes ... whatever happened to him? A terrific actor and much the same brooding intensity as a young Mel. But he'd have to be 35/36 these days? He even did a stint as a wannabe rock star in 'Ratcat' when their first bass player left but for whatever reason didn't stay.

What a terrrific idea sending Banna the pic ...

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 7:41 am
by Gordon Hayes

Hi XA.

Yea I reckon Matt was the go..

I sent this to "TV week" a year or so ago now..

They said it was against ther policy

"I contact you now to promote a push for Australian Actor Matt Day in the lead role in the next Mad Max film. Matt Day knows nothing of this as I have no contact point for him.My push toward Matt has come from watching the last moments of the TV film "My Brother Jack" in was in these final scenes that it struck how well Matt could fill the role.I am proposing that you contact Matt and ask if he is prepared to don the Mad Max type gear, and the three day growth and pose with this "Dead Ringer" replica for a cover pic for TV week.Run the caption "Matt as Max?" plus a supporting story and pic's to push along the idea, and I am confident that you will have a best seller cover. Best seller because you will sell too all the regular "Street Machine type magazine" buyers as well as the TV week buyers.I trust that you will consider this idea".

Regards Gordon Hayes.Perth West Australia.


The other close call I had with passing fame was contact with the "Betta Electrical" V8 supercar team in just the last few weeks.

( had been thinking of this for years ... but bugger I missed again) !!

I pushed for "Betta Electrical" driver Max Wilson to be in a pro-mo free handout poster as all V8 teams have, MAX Wilson would be photographed in both Mad Max Gear and his regular racing gear. The poster would then be featuring the current V8 Supercar, and race gear clad MAX Wilson in the foreground and the Interceptor and a MAX Rockatanskli clad MAX Wilson in the close background.

The idea was to portray in the image of current V8 driver MAX Wilson as a "Racing Warrior", the Poster was to read.

"Don't get MAD MAX ..get even.. Bathurst 2004".

The perhaps black and white ghost image or overlay of the Road Warrior theme behind.

I asked for no money for this, and pointed out that the different Poster just might end up on more kids bedroom walls and garage door than the standard format one.

This one almost took of because the advertising manager actually liked it..

Alias the Advertising committee booted it out as it was not consistent with there "team focus" policies..


Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 7:52 am
by rockatansky4073

thats funny, cause BANA did a really funny spoof of ROAD WARRIOR on the AUSSIE comedy show FAST FORWARD once i got it on tape, was funny sh*t.

He had the stubble, the sleevless leatherjacket, looked good.

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 9:01 am
by SAM B R.W
yeh brad pitt has done some awesome stuff but he hes not mad max. weve had this convo b4 i say if there isnt mel there isnt a mad max

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 4:14 am
by rockatansky4073
f**kin A +

Brad Pitt!!!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2004 7:14 am
by Tarmac
Arnold Schwarzennegger maybe ??