Desert Driving

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Desert Driving

Postby Dinki Di » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:11 am

I love the MM franchise, but something about Fury Road brought back some real nostalgia for me. Back in 1995 I was pretty much doing the same thing as in this movie, trekking across the desert with a few others in two trucks. The fastest we could ever clock in those things was 42 mph on level ground, lol. Great machines though, ex-army; you depend on them with your life when you're out there, so seeing them do various stuff they had to do in this movie to save the rig brought back memories. The only thing they never had that we did was a tyre blowout at a crucial moment. :lol: Western Sahara is nothing like Namibia (or Aus), but hearing some of the things the cast and crew talked about while working on this movie is true, the sweat, the dust, the smell of the fuel, the freezing cold mornings and the shaved heads... after a few months you just get so used to it it's like you were born in a truck.

Probably the highlight of my life, sometimes just sitting on top of the cab getting sandblasted in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I can only imagine how much more awesome it would have been to be part of a crazy armada. I'm glad they took the time in the film to show them doing a bit of necessary vehicle maintenance.

Anyone else undertaken a long distance road trip in the desert before, anything Mad Max ish, and got the feel of it again from this movie? Anyone been to Broken Hill? Done any other kind of desert trip? It'd be cool to hear others' experiences.
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