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Re: My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part One)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:47 am
by levcore
Eric94 wrote:
He tries to bite off Nux's arm when he can't shoot it off. That's not Max. (I'll make that my catchphrase for my points from now on.) Max doesn't gnaw on people like The Feral Kid.

He's not trying to bite off Nux's arm, he's trying to work at the cuff/ chain with his teeth.

Re: My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part One)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:10 am
by Taipan
No, he's trying to bite off his fingers to remove the hand from the chain. Why would he chew on the chain, to break his teeth?

Re: My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part One)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:27 am
by Dinki Di
Max wimpy and helpless?

Sure, he was taken by surprise in the beginning, because he wouldn't have been standing around scanning the distance if he hadn't been. Then someone lanced his wheels or whatever before he could outrun the scavenger party. Mishaps happen to Max in all of the films, sometimes by his own fault, like that part in TRW where he just drives into a bunch of Humungus' dudes in his haste to leave and as a result totals himself and his car. But "wimpy and helpless" doesn't need 2 or 3 guys to hold it down while being tattooed, and being able to fight off and outrun about 10 more, eventually being dragged away by 5 or 6 people. Wimpy and helpless doesn't need to be isolated and muzzled, and I assumed in the opening scenes the Organic Mechanic was savaged by Max while examining him. Wimpy and helpless would submit, not attempt to bite someone's lips off.

He is only watching and waiting in the movie at this point for any chance however small to escape. The second it presents itself he takes it and smacks Slit off the back of a vehicle. Given more time he'd have found a way to wrap his hands around Nux's neck and take the car. Once he's free he fights for control of the War Rig and drives the hell off with it. I don't get where this idea comes from that Max is an incapable wimp - he's ridiculously capable. And he is pretty resourceful not long after when he kills a bunch of dudes in pursuit, brings back weapons and ammo and a boot for someone who lost one all in about 5 mins, right after laying mines and helping get the Rig out of a quagmire. The only way I can buy his sheer capability is to imagine Max had been militarized police and accumulated so much general and mechanical survival knowledge... and spent so many years honing this skill in the wastelands. Supported by the fact he's spending his spare moments making a map of the surroundings on a scrap of cloth using his own blood for lack of ink. People keep calling him "bumbling" but I don't see it.

The hallucinations and his "madness"... ever heard of PTSD and how sounds and sights and smells can cause severe flashbacks? And Max has clearly spent too long by himself. This Max is the even further evolved Max from before who'd spent even more time wandering and seeing people die and he's reverted to a more basic state. When I left home at 19 I went to hang out in some town I knew nobody in and at some points barely spoke to people for months. It has an effect, trust me. You even start involuntarily talking to yourself inside your head and out, to replace the human contact you're not getting. Max is decidedly less insane than I would probably have been in his place.

I could buy Max biting the guy's fingers off if he couldn't have got the cuff off. He was prepared to blow the hand off with the gun. Is that not something Mel's Max would ever do if chained to a possibly dead or dying raider? He's in a desert and he needs to get free or he's dead. People have done worse to their own limbs in real life to avoid dying of dehydration. I guess if he were actually concerned for the kamikaze dude who just nearly drove him to death on the front of a car, he might try to wake him up and ask him nicely to take the chains off but he was out for the count.

Re: My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part One)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:17 am
by AquaCola
"So I exist in this wasteland, a man reduced to a single extinct…..survive"

This part went over so many peoples heads. Its the reason he does pretty much everything up until changing his mind about abandoning the rig and setting off alone.