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Re: (For Fun) Re-cast Fury Road!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:05 am
by MWFV8
Immortan Joecutter wrote:
Mad Max RW wrote:
Immortan Joecutter wrote:
You mean that guy who played in 'Troy' about 10 years ago ?
How old is he now ? 47, 48? Man, in the meantime he is even too old to play James Bond...

I'm guessing you were never part of the "No Mel, no Max" camp. Since when is 47 too old? How old are you to say something like that?

He is a good actor but in my opinion he's not edgy enough. Okay, he is Australian and maybe a die hard Mad Max fan
but that alone doesn't make him a good contender to play the role of Max Rockatansky.

Keep on dreaming . . .

Nobody said those were his lone qualifiers. Eric Bana's "Chopper" is as good or better than Tom Hardy's "Bronson". Dismissing him for Troy is equally ignorant as dismissing Hardy as just the badguy from Star Trek Nemesis.

It seems I have hit a red button...
anyway, but somehow you misinterpreted my comment on Eric Bana :?

I like him as an actor. He was perfect in 'Hanna' and I liked him in 'Troy' as well. 'Chopper' I haven't seen.
Before Daniel Craig he was my first choice for James Bond but unfortunately now he is too old to play the role...
In my eyes Bana is simply not the right type of guy to play the character of Max Rockatansky.

And yes, as many hardcore fans I once was in the "No Mel, no Max" camp - but that's history now. I accepted Tom Hardy as the new Max.

If you can't... well, then you might have a problem for the next 10 years or so . . .

We get it. You feel Bana is too old and I imagine many others would too. Let's move on.