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Did Joe have additional breeders besides the Five Wives?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:02 am
by flightsuit
I ask this because we see an awful lot of very young war boys in the film, and I wonder where the war boy supply in general comes from.

Who is raising the war boys? I don't see them having mothers and fathers who raise them. I imagine them being raised communally, perhaps, by older war boys?

In which case there would be a strong sense of family among them. They do seem to kind of love each other.

Is it likely that the "milkers" are also mothers of war boys?

I'm also curious to know whether the war boys themselves are rapists. Their treatment of Max when they find him in the desert would tend to imply that anybody outside their tribe is viewed as an enemy or a resource to be exploited, but I kind of wonder if they might have some rules which dictated that any women captured in the wasteland had to be brought to the citadel for processing, much in the way Max was, before anybody could use them for any purpose.

'Nother tangential thing about the war boys: At the beginning, when they're readying the war rig, The Ace leads them in a chant that include the line, "We are kamicrazy Fukushima war boys," or something like that. So, the Fukushima reference gives us more clues as to when Miller thinks this story is occurring. Or it at least tells us there was a Fukushima disaster in the Max universe, too.

Or, perhaps, a second Fukushima disaster. Like, maybe as civilization fell, there were no more government or corporate resources left for managing the Fukushima site, so it really went to Hell and hemorrhaged radioactive waste at some date after the initial problems?

Re: Did Joe have additional breeders besides the Five Wives?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:54 am
by Taipan
The comic books already have your answers, but I'll recap:

Yes, Immortan Joe constantly picks up either healthy women or strong boys. In the movie the first time the elevator goes up you'll notice they picked someone up, looks like a young girl.
War Pups are raised by War Boys, they rarely ever get to see Immortan Joe himself (despite the fact Immortan disguises his age and illnesses with a mask and armor).

They reference Fukushima because according to Miller the 'revamped' timeline starts around our times, 2010 would be my guess. There are other references to current times in the comic books. Which makes the new timeline all out of whack because they tried to fit the original trilogy into that (suddenly the September 10th 1999 written on the wall in the Crack In the Earth makes no sense at all).

Re: Did Joe have additional breeders besides the Five Wives?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:37 am
by flightsuit
Ah, thanks for the clarifications!