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Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:50 am
by Turbofurball
Interesting and pretty in-depth review from a woman's point of view, HERE (*SPOILERS!*)

I've been holding out for the compilation of comics in August, but this just sounds like complete shite - lazy writing that doesn't reflect the characters in the film at all ... urf. It could have all kinds of cool plots, hell just Furiosa smuggling the wives from the safe to the tanker could have been a neat heist / thriller style comic.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:16 pm
by Taipan
this issue is triggery

And magically I don't give a single fuck about whatever that person thinks of this comic book, especially after instructing me to approach it as 'non canon' (because George Miller's ideas aren't his own anymore apparently). But let's plow ahead and see how much of it is actual critique of the contents of the comic book and how much SJW drivel.

And here we stop to reflect on the fact that a movie which has generated so much feminist hype is now being credited for its backstory to what appears to be an entirely-male story and art team.Okay then.

Here we go!

The crowd-shot, like most crowd-shots, seem to have a lot of male faces in there! (And lining the walls, which I cropped.) I doubt that the male authors of this comic intended this framing device to symbolize their male avatar addressing a comic-book audience that they expect to be disproportionately male, but haha it sure is ironic in retrospect.

Comic Book patriarchy is right in front of you, shitlords!

The "what you're about to see is being narrated by an old dude to the new generation" thing has been done to death. But it's particularly rankling in a movie that was about women defining their lives. Why isn't one of the wives here? Or one of their daughters? Why is this Generic Old Sagely Dude #238,157 and why does it feel like it's been lifted wholesale from a pre-fab'd story framing device?

Because, you're a complete moron, go watch MMBT to calm your nerves sweety, Savannah told the whole story of MMBT, which I'm sure made the movie THAT MUCH BETTER. Damn I don't know if I'll be able to go through that whole 'article' or a 'blog post' judging by the amount of idiocy I've seen so far and we're on page 1 of the comic book! Plowing ahead...

Here in the comic, women pass information to each other, but only because a man authorized the "history woman" to teach his wives. And this is so laughably infuriating to me already, this idea that women only whisper secrets and warnings and hopes and dreams and histories to each other because a man told them to.

It's part of the fucking story, I don't think she got the memo that Immortan rules all in the wasteland. And that's baaaaaaaad because patriarchy. I don't think it's infuriating to her that young boys were brainwashed into a cult in Immortan Joe's empire or that essentially anyone he caught in the wasteland was a blood bag. But when Auntie Entity written by the same author ran Bartertown with an iron fist that was fine too!

Except that, to me (and I'm guessing other women in theaters), there was no "mystery" as to why the women knew things; they knew things because they were people.

Because they were people? As opposed to Nux who didn't know what a tree is? NO. They learned things from Miss Giddy, not from them 'previous life' or whatever this lunatic SJW thinks. If it wasn't for Miss Giddy they wouldn't know jack shit about the world around them, any of them! Nice touch trying to bond with other women in the cinema, whom I think aren't as fixated on patriarchy whenever they see a movie with males in it.

"knowledge has a way of igniting dissent... and inciting revolution". So, haha, okay, the wives didn't escape because they were people who said "hey, being raped and held captive is rotten eggs, let's change that", they had to have seeds of rebellion planted by the giver-of-knowledge who was, herself, given by their captor. I am not a fan of that narrative at all.

Yeah, let's just ignore the fact that they were incapable of escaping FROM A FUCKING VAULT and Furiosa tried many times, what do you know! She may have not even been raped and decided to do that!

I don't even really want to post it, because it's graphic and violent and triggery to me

I'm done.

This is exactly what I was saying in a previous topic about a sequel to FR being influenced by so called SJWs, tumblr feminists and others. THIS is their way of thinking, let that sink in. Professional victims, bitching left and right about things without a shred of logical thinking, just to bitch and whine. I can't believe I wasted all 15 minutes to read and write a response to that drivel.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:54 pm
by seriz
This review is stupid, for sure... and the author is deeply wrong about almost everything she wrote...
But the comics is not very very interesting. I mean, it tells what we already suspected, what we already knew, and put pictures where our dreams and fantasies should be enough...

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:05 pm
by Taipan
Yes, it's not very revealing when it comes to Furiosa's story and it only fills in the blanks that we could easily suspect. In that aspect it is a bit disappointing to me, not greatly because we still got a glipse of a couple of things that I for one found interesting. For example, the picture they had of some green place, a different one from Furiosa's. The chastity belts and their purpose and how horny and stupid Rictus really is, or that The Five Wives were essentially Immortan's entertainment band with songs and all that. But ultimately, to me at least, it wasn't about Furiosa's backstory, it was about her change of heart. I don't think they portrayed that arc properly, because Furiosa's journey from being cold hearted to helping the wives is kind of wonky, but in the end you can see why she decided to take them. Makes you wonder what kind of things Furiosa did for Immortan Joe that she was looking for redemption. My guess is that those were some pretty horrific things that didn't exactly agree with her upbringing among The Vuvalini. Some more background on that would be nice, but I'm ok with what we've got so far.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:47 pm
by Mad Max RW
Hey look, another sexist nobody on the internet hiding behind "feminism" to preach her ignorant shit.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:50 pm
by Artemis Flow
As soon as I see " triggery " " trigger alert " I see " fuckwit alert " , as soon as I seen something about feminism I close the page , must of been " that " time of the month :|

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 5:38 pm
by flightsuit
I just read it. Furiosa #1 contained way less new information than the Nux/Immortan Joe comic, so on that level, it was a bit of a let-down.

But more than anything, I want to know, what is the US on-sale date for the next Fury Road comic? I can't seem to find that info on Vertigo's Web site.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 5:50 pm
by flightsuit
OK, I just skimmed that review. Barely. But enough to know the reviewer is full of shit.

I am a feminist, and I am happy to wear the epithet "SJW" with pride, and I think this reviewer is just plain full of it.

Trigger warnings are good manners and totally appropriate to include where applicable. But the fact that a piece of creative work is "triggery" does not mean it is less valid.

For fuck's sake, Fury Road is a story about women escaping from rape and reproductive slavery. Did this reviewer think every part of the back story for such a scenario would be filled with inspiring moments of female empowerment at every step of the journey?

Good Lord.


She's complaining because Furiosa's relationship with the Five Wives wasn't a wonderful feminist sisterhood from the get-go? I haven't heard anybody complain about Furiosa beating the shit out of Max and trying to kill him before they became allies. Does this reviewer understand anything at all about how the Mad Max universe works?

Maybe Max and the Gyro Captain should have been good buddies from the get-go and shared their feelings and been really vulnerable with each other too?


You should pretend it's non-canonical so your sensitive feelings can get through the awful experience of reading it?

OK, sure. George Miller's prequel comics are non-canonical. Whatever.

Should the comic have not had an all-male staff? I don't know. Diversity is good in every industry. There is a saying in the social justice movement, "Nothing about us without us." I can dig that. Maybe there should have been women on this comic's creative team. BUT since all the other criticisms of this comic are complete bullshit, that one remaining critique, that it was made by an all-male team, that critique has to stand by itself.

And by itself, that's not exactly a damning slam-dunk, ya know? Lots of amazing genre works were made by creative teams that lacked diversity. It may not be the ideal thing for society, and I'm not going to defend it, but I'm also not going to enjoy the fruits of their labors less.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:18 pm
by flightsuit
Also, I'm getting really sick of bloggers (usually bloggers who fancy themselves to be feminist and anti-racist) prefacing their blog posts with the phrase, "We need to talk about <INSERT TV SHOW EPISODE OR OTHER THING THE BLOGGER HAS DEEMED "PROBLEMATIC">."

You know what? We don't need to talk about it, and we aren't talking about it. You are writing a blog post, and quite possibly a clickbait blog post. That is not a conversation. It's not us talking. It's you writing for a readership. YOU may feel YOU need to talk about whatever the horribly "problematic" thing is, but please don't decide for me that WE need to talk about it.

And be creative. Find some new way of beginning your essay. "We need to talk about...." is a played out cliche at this point.

Re: Furiosa comic falls flat

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:09 pm
by TheWarriorMax
Taipan wrote:This is exactly what I was saying in a previous topic about a sequel to FR being influenced by so called SJWs, tumblr feminists and others.

Yup :). This is just one review and I don't believe it will influence anything, but I feel compelled to say this is exactly what I was talking about when I started that other thread, either influence or backlash, or both. If Fury Road had not received so much praise for the way it portrayed women, this negative review of this comic wouldn't even exist. Whether any decision makers feel it or are influenced by it, the pressure is already on and will continue.

Ok well actually there is a chance that by the time the next movie comes along this stuff won't be as hot an issue as it is now and none of these internet media/personality people will bother with it.