The Plains of Silence

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Postby lord humungus » Fri May 29, 2015 9:05 am

it's hard to say. they mentioned in Mad Max The Video Game due out this september. in the ,which is supposed to take place before Fury Road , Max is in the dead sea bed in search of said plains.

Since Miller wrote the video game and was heavily involved with the video game I'd say we'll know more about them from the video game and upcoming comics. my guess is they are a spot deep within the wasteland dead sea bed where everything is just a void. something kind of a kin to davey jones locker were you can just be alone with yourself and be away from any attatchments to what's left of the world. I think max will find them in the game and this might explain why max seems to know about the plains of silence in the movie as I assume the video game,comics and movie are all part of a carefully stitched story woven deeply by Miller.

and yes I know the game is kind of it's own thing it's not really set in the fury road-averse but it's not exactly original trilogoy-verse either. but so much I've read about in the game is referenced in parts in the movie. and in a way I feel like the movie is a bit of an advertisement for the game. but maybe I am picking up on the wrong things while the movie was busy blowing my fucking mind.
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