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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby Cult Icon » Thu May 28, 2015 3:48 pm


haha, good one
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby lord humungus » Thu May 28, 2015 4:38 pm

I haven't read what you all written because I assume there is a big divide over the death of the interceptor. but if you think about it what Miller did was actually kinda genious if my hunch is right.

My theory,and it is just that, is that Miller wanted to sorta divorce mad max from the interceptor moving forward because I think he feels we focus way too much on that one car and might miss the bigger story. I know someone who worked in production so I'll ask him tomorrow if that's the case cause he would be the only one I know out side of miller who would know.

so okay life long mad max fan I won't throw my cred around because no one cares in the end. but I do love the original series (yes even thunderdome) I took my son with me and I cannot say enough how much I loved the movie. It wasn't what I expected and that's really great because this blew me away and I already had high expectations of this film to start with. I had more fun watching this movie then I have had in a great long time in the theaters and it reminded me why I love Geroge millers work in the first place. I loved the little touched the refrences to past films despite this being a reimagining and revisit. and what's intersting to me is the layers this film has. cause if you caught it they spliced in the eye poping scene from when toe cutter eat semi truck and yet you have the same actor playing a different villian in this film. it would be like if in thunderdome you had a scene of the gyricopter pilot. and this is more interesting if you read the comic book that just came out in which the MFP are still cannon....

yes there were major changes to series made but honestly it didn't piss me off like it might have were I still a child cause I'd be mad. I'd want mel back. and it's not to say I don't want mel back. it is to say I don't hate this like I could have if I was overly zealous of these films. for me not only was this a welcome addition to the myth but I honestly hope the sequel happens because I seriously want to see where miller will take this.

that said I can confrim one thing. miller may have the sequel already scripted out but he hasn't gotten together with his writting partner from fury road yet and no storyboards have been drawn up. so don't expect another one of these any time soon. miller isn't one to work that way and this comes striaght from a person who's worked directly with miller in production.
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