What do you think Max did...

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What do you think Max did...

Postby levcore » Tue May 19, 2015 5:06 am

to take care of The Bullet Farmer and his vehicle and men? I mean he goes off with what, some gas? Comes back with blood on his head and all their guns. I wonder what he actually did to take them out.
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby The Boss » Tue May 19, 2015 6:48 am

Wasn't there an explosion? I think he probably made a bomb and ignited it as the bullet farmer's tank passed by. Then went in to finish them off hand-to-hand combat style, that explains how he got their blood on him. Yeah, that scene played out pretty wonky. I wondered how they immediately knew that wasn't Max's blood as soon as he walks up in complete darkness...should have shown Max in action and how he overtook the bullet farmer
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby Stamper » Tue May 19, 2015 8:06 am

Nope. It's perfect as directed. It's like saying they should have shown the bikers running over Max baby and wife bodies.
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby Ol' Coyote » Tue May 19, 2015 4:18 pm

What did he bring exactly ? A blade, gas can and an explosive ?

Probably put the explosive as a mine with the gas can on top of it so when the Peacemaker goes by, it explodes. Peacemaker got destroyed, Max kills the remaining guys with the blade, hence the blood on his head.
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby Chase Bansi » Tue May 19, 2015 6:10 pm

That sounds like a valid theory to me.

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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby rockatansky4073 » Wed May 20, 2015 1:07 am

I think he did exactly what he did with those two dune buggys and set up some bombs on the tyre tracks and then moved in to finish them off.
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby boogiedownroad » Wed May 20, 2015 6:55 am

Stamper wrote:Nope. It's perfect as directed. It's like saying they should have shown the bikers running over Max baby and wife bodies.

I see what your saying, but its not quite the same. The set up to the deaths of max's family was perfect because our brains filled in the rest when the assault happened. Its like some horror movies when the deaths happen off screen.

In fury road the set up leads us to believe there is going to be a fight. Then nothing happens. This is similar to Godzilla for the first fight in Hawaii. Theirs a set up for the fight but the director cuts to the next scene.
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby Cult Icon » Wed May 27, 2015 9:50 pm

Max leaves with a blade, 2 explosive mines (? the same things that they used to blow up the 2 trailing vehicles on the road), and a Jerrycan that is probably filled with "guzzoline". He comes back without the mines and the jerrycan, but hauling booty and with blood on his face. Of interest is how he recovered the steering wheel, which means that the tank was safe enough to approach & loot.

Overall, although I found his return funny, I didn't like how there was no action and it was so brief- Furiosa hears and sees a brief explosion and Max appears seconds later. It occurs WAY too fast as if he was some sort of superhuman assassin. There is no time to set mines, or anything. There were no gunshots, either or sounds of movement.

So I think he tossed the mines and the jerrycan, like a molotov cocktail in front of the tank. This detonated into a big fireball. The tank stops, and Max maneuvers around the tank and jumps the men from the rear, killing them with the blade like a Kung-Fu star..
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby Turbofurball » Thu May 28, 2015 1:42 pm

Not showing every detail, leaving it to your imagination, is one of the great gifts of this movie. It's one of the reasons why it stands out from other action films so abruptly.

I love that scene as it is, it's a far more bold statement on the situation that way.
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Re: What do you think Max did...

Postby zykotec » Thu May 28, 2015 2:46 pm

I can picture it in my mind, Max walking up to the bulletfarmer, presenting his idea;

-'look dude, we both had a rough day, I'll trade you this gas for some ammo, OK, and we both go our separate ways. Here's some bombs you can use as a diversion.
You're blind, and you don't care about the wives anyway, and you don't need to get caught up in this shit, OK ? Now get out of here before Joe shows up and kills you for shooting at his wives. '

And then they hug it out, and the bulletfarmer is bleeding tears of blood on Max's head.

TL:DR, I prefer it left open.
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