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Re: next event?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:32 am
by cruzn2the max
i have looked into a venue for an event, iv been looking into it and come up with this idea

there is a car museum in maffra called the maffra shed, look this web site up, i think it has great potential

there is plenty of parking, and i have spoken to them there as i am a member, my hotrod is in there on display at the moment for 3 months, and i have my vintage car in there last year,

i spoke to the guy who runs it and he was very keen to support us to have vehicles on display inside, and have a day for a max display outside, for those who can only make a day trip.

my idea is to have a street cruise in the morning say on a saturday in the morning and display during the day with $5 rides in the max cars as they did in little river, for a local charity. and sat evening maybe a movie of madmax with an outdoor screening or indoors.

there is an open day for for hotrods and race cars on the 12th april, i know this is easter but i will be there in my chevy,
if anyone can make this day get in touch with me, you dont have to bring your car and i may even be able to put some of you up for the night,

this madmax display is just an idea and im interested in others ideas and opinions

cheers alan