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car pool from canberra to broken hill

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2002 5:57 am
by toecutter
If this is definitely on, I will go.

If anyone from the ACT wants to accompany me, I'll take two people with me.

I drive a black P76 with flames down the side.

I will NOT share driving. I will share fuel expenses though.

Its about a one day trip from Canberra, last time I made teh trip I was on my way to Alice Springs. The Barrier Highway is REAL mad max 2 country.

If you are interested - post here with an email address and i will get back to you.

car pool from canberra to broken hill

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2002 6:55 am
by Peter Barton

Trust me, the event is definitely on.

The web site for the event is still a bit sketchy at the moment, but this should be getting a major boost / cleanup over the next 2 weeks as the plans are finalised. I beleive the biggest hurdle was actually booking the film prints, and not much else could be finalised until that was done and the showing times were known. Now that those screening times have been nailed down, the rest of the events are being slotted into place.

One thing that I WILL be posting onto the Back 2 The Max site tonight, if you're going and you need accomodation, particularly on the Sunday night, you should think about booking now. We found out in the last couple of days that there is another function happening in Broken Hill that starts on the Sunday. I wouldn't expect that anyone should have problems finding accomodation, just don't leave it until the last week before the event.