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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 11:36 pm
by roadwarriormfp
Well yea Douggie, you gotta drop a tailshaft or too yet in your own car.....

"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 12:41 am
by nelson
I have to agree, it has been interesting.

"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 2:37 am
by cobra

N elson, maybe i should have written it better! we dont just use dvds! hell there wasnt dvds when we started!

this has been an interesting post! and everyone totally missed what i was saying, ah well too bad!

as i said these cars are hard to build. and its disapointing to see the wrong parts on cars, they take tons of effort to fit, and to do all that to fit the incorrect roof spoiler trunk spoiler! WHY? All the cars out there have had as i said alot of good work into fitting this stuff! wait up the is a congratulations there for building one! but then you have fitted the wrong bits! its like seeing a GT falcon with its wing on backwards! the interceptor is just not as easy to fix!

and sockpuppet, well your still hiding! atleast i am out there, taking everyones comments and everyone knows who i am! if people are not happy with my comments well we all have opinions! but i think things have been dramatised a bit no insulting intended, there is some good work out there, with wrong spoilers!

dedication to finish the job! wich cars are we taliking about laddy?

we bult a couple of what i call cheapys! the black two door for paul was 36000, it dropped an engine! the car looked accurate, had new trim, but was only fitted with a 302,borgwarner 4 speed an no nine inch, for 36000 running gear was second hand, but all safety items were repaired as required! but paul chose to to take a differant route when i was there with him at the studios, it was a good day! the cheap cars are built for people to put there own thoughts etc into and not just a car they have had built!

not to mention the countless hours of advice to people, maybe in future i will just refer everone to the SOCK PUPPET!!!!!!!!

I wont catch Gordon I will stick around and an enjoy your comments an veiws!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXDo you mean you had wrong info from others when building your accuaret replicas? Why would you bother with wrong info?? Perhaps you are just a little like us doing your best.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

we were given wrong info by someone who checked out the original 2 door in the UK they must have been to overwhelmed by the whole thing that they forgot how to read a tape measure!


"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 4:38 am
by The Sockpuppet


How fast can you backpeddle? You continue to insult replica owner / builders with your arrogance and infuriate / dissappoint others with your "dont give a sh*t attitude."

Again: THE ONLY WAY I'LL KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY DIFFERENCES IS BY PARKING THE TWO SIDE BY SIDE, That was a really silly statement considering that your road warror vehicle - and you agreed too - was far from accurate. I would consider that car as an INCORRECTOR to use a term that you phrased.

I am tired of talking to you as you dont listen and whatever is left of your reputation is slowly dissapearing down the Fury Road and it will probably pass Gordon sometime tommorrow.

Wake up to yourself and if you decide to come back to the forum please do so, but leave the B.S. behind.

Everyone will thank you.

"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 6:31 am
by nelson

As for the wrong parts even your cars had their rear flares 'evolve' over time. Dont get me wrong, I think your cars look great I just get upset when they are claimed to be accurate when they obviously are not. Even you said they have differences. I am still giggling over the comment that "yes our cars do have some differances, there are various reasons, one is so we can identify our cars from a pic against other builds"

"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 7:12 am
by roadwarriormfp
[div][color=black size=3]"""These machines we build are not just "mock-up's" or "look-a-likes" but "fair dinkum" movie authentic high performance vehicles. Based on the Australian XB Falcon coupe, the replicas are the living, driving image of the film Interceptor."""[/color][/div][/font]

""" Following the sale of Gordon's and Grant's replica Interceptors, these two were in possession of years of accumulated Mad Max and XB Falcon knowledge. They also had access to all of the correct moulds, and the established connections and support structure for the further manufacture of Mad Max replicas. So as Grant and Gordon both enjoyed the Mad Max Interceptor history and myth they eventually said yes to the building of another replica."""

"""Top of the Line Film-Correct

Pursuit Special Interceptor Replica

$80,000 AUD

"Like it drove out of the screen!"

[div]These are quotes from your website Grant.....[/div]
[div] [/div]
[div]So... then you read his comments on here from you like...[/font]

""we have done it the hard way by rebuilding a genuine nose tat was severely damaged,""[/font][/font][/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div]""" the front spoiler on the four door was hand built by myself,""" [/font][/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div]So what happened to ALL THE ORIGINAL MOULDS as per your website?

[div]The front spoiler as seen on Steves car appears to be a copy taken from a Group A spoiler (I have seen it an XA coupe group A racer in Performance Buildups 1998!)[/font][/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div]That spoiler on Steves car has the same inaccuracies as the Group A racing spoilers i have seen in the past as fitted to a few cars... They are close to the orginal.... but certainly not 100% the same[/font][/div]

There has been at least two of these spoilers for sale on eBay in the past 12months..... [/div]
[div] [/div]
[div] """the flares have been redone to many times by Gordon to chase accuracy,""" [/div]
[div] [/div][/font]

""" DVDs mmm I dont think so, except maybe to get the over head radio correct An bits!! """ [/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div]Well your RVS still isnt right (nor is mine for that matter... but i never make any claims i cant back up).... nor are the MFP badge stickers even remotely correct !!! Let alone the pinstriping as seen on many of your replicas...

"""now we have mostlikely done our last replica and i hav moved on to building a Tumbler""" [/font][/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div]So you have thrown in the towel ??? No more replicas?? Couldnt handle the critics??

Couple this to a website in which the painter "commissioned" to paint one of Gordons cars says....

"""Ah well, never mind, I had to select a mere 38 images out of about six hundred as it was, so that I could show you the general alchemical journey that this second-hand crud-bucket went through... [/font][/font][/div]

First thing I told Gordon was that the bonnet would have to be made to fit.. You can't see it here because it had already been stripped of about half a ton of plastic, and dressed down to meet the custom fibre-glass nose-panel. I then refinished it with a lot less bog (plastic filler) than before. Except before, where you could see under the bonnet into the engine bay, it now fits properly..[/div]

Most of the fibre-glass moldings are of poor quality and are quite rippled and wavy here and there, so plastic is applied over the imperfections, to be shaped back down later with the speed file.. By hand. Always by hand, we never use power tools for finishing work.

Here at the right rear for example, you can pretty much see the three-dimensional rise off the bare metal in front of that rear molding, as the acres of old filler rear up and ripple their way right up to the front door. I chased these edges all the way there and had to re-beat much of the old work to get that waistline in the middle straight and true. """"
[div] [/div]
[div]([/font][color=#0000ff size=2][/color])[/font][/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div][/font] [/div]
[div]"""I don't get on the message boards much due to the knit picking and the crap, but all in all it takes a lot more than just looking at DVDs and talking to people to build these replicas, there is so much time and effort involved, some of us have done it the cheats way by copying our products and selling there own""""[/font][/div]

Knit picking ??? People who make extravagent claims of being "movie correct" all the time need to be 100% sure that they are... correct. [/font]

So people have copyed YOUR products??[/font]

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones![/font]

"The Nosecone and may of the other parts from this Replica were purchased from us many years ago. There is a roumor around that this perticular product was the used to fabricate a mould to compete with us here at Advanced Spoilers. The roumor also stated that the Advanced Spoilers Origional was better quality than the bogus fabricated one. " ( )

This is from an obscure and hard to find website which Martin Mac put up as far back as 1998.... So who is copying who ???

"""but if people are going to go to the effort in another country to be a proud owner of an Australian ICON, then do it with the correct stuff!, and as I said, ours need to be more correct than most, and why? cause we sell them, not build one and one only to keep, we build em to give people what they cant get anywhere else. so please take my coments how you see fit.""""[/font]

I would call this highly enflamatory indeed..... Have you ever stopped to consider that people cant afford the high prices offered by some? Perhaps they arent in the know?? Perhaps that was the best they could do at the time??[/font]

I KNOW FOR A FACT.. my car wont be 100% correct.... and it will never be.... infact it will even have the incorrect front spoiler until i can buy a "movie correct" one...[/font]

But hey... according to you... it will be a waste of time....[/font]

So lets look at the pictures of Steves car then for a critical examination... since other "incorrectors" out there are no good....[/font]

Incorrect offset on the front rims.... and certainly the back rims have too great an offset as well.... The rear rims also.... too much chrome.... White pinstripe incorrect, location of Badge sticker in the wrong place, front spoiler incorrect, air intake hole in the L88 cut out incorrect, INTERCEPTOR lettering not tall enough. As for paint colours, since these pictures were taken in the afternoon, who knows if they are correct.[/font]

Grant your old Yellow Interceptor was by no means correct either.... yet you did nothing to correct those "mistakes" while you owned that particular car...[/font]

So why is it you go on and on about being "accurate" and that those "incorrectors" are fruitless efforts, akin to putting on a GT spoiler "backwards"??[/font]

As has been said many times before.... people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.....[/font]

Everyone has appreciated your efforts to build cars.... but to go out and continually make claims that yours are more accurate then others... and then say those incorrectors are so wrong..... is simply NOT helping your cause....[/font]


"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:18 am
by AdrianUK

"we were given wrong info by someone who checked out the original 2 door in the UK they must have been to overwhelmed by the whole thing that they forgot how to read a tape measure! "

Is that right!!! Well just to set the record straight for eveyone here seeing as Grant's alshiemers has kicked in, myself and John (Madmax2050) were the one's who were 'overwhelmed' at the museum that day! neither of us had a tape measure because we never expected to get close to the car let alone take it's dimensions! We did end up sitting in the car and this is when John noted the shape of the cage. He then later accurately drew this from several angles and sent this to Gordon...but....when we saw the pics of the cage under construction it was nothing like how John had drawn it!!!!! why? we have no idea!

So Grant,don't blame others for your incompetance,if someone gives you a rough estimate on something and you are striving for 'accuracy' then use your eyes and check out the movie for the details,how hard can it be? Thank god we never told you it was 6 inch thick you'd have been straight down to the plumbers yard for some drain pipe!

"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:26 am
by nelson

" check out the movie for the detail"....... they dont use dvd's get your facts, read the webpage if you can !


they do use dvds

I wish you and John had seen me at the urinals if you 'overestimate' the size of things, lol


"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:33 am
by AdrianUK
Mate, I'd heard a rumour that yours was an inch off the floor!.................................when you lay flat on your face!Image

"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:47 am
by nelson
its a sports model Adi....built for speed