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Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 3:29 pm
by Bugsgecko

MY rant at everybody in general,

who cries poor,disabled,underpriviledged, and gods knows what else-

I couldn't give a fat rat's clacker about your disease/problem/social disorder !

Call me a won't be the first......but I'm sick and tired of making acceptions to people who are unable to behave in socially acceptable ways.

"Oh he's/she's drunk/depressed/off his/her tits on drugs."..........hello ? I personally couldn't give a fat rat's clacker if the person was up to his eyeballs on bleach from the local swimming pool...I expect to be treated in a socially acceptable manner in the public domain...NOT shoved aside/spat upon or expected to fight for a seat in the flucking disabled section of public transport for gawds sake !

Oh wait....would you like me to get out my vision-impaired white stick.....that has cracked many an ankle before now ? Yes I'm happy to do so and yes, I'm also happy to make public my youngest child has a disability too....and yes he is able to be socially acceptable in any fact he was just on international radio this Saturday.....

Strange that - I refuse to let my child rely upon a disability to excuse his bad behaviour and he can try to rise above some of the scum who have no problem.

So what's your drunken/drug riddled excuse for bad behaviour?

****NOT intended for anyone in particular ****

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:33 pm
by .MAD MAX.

heya Bugsgecko, this is certainly a different side of you but I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm not here to judge but I'm curious as to what provoked this thread. Are you pissd that someone uses their disability to take advantage of situations, or....?


Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:36 pm
by Bugsgecko

Doug this is a rant about the never-ending number of idiots who think they can get away with murder-sometimes literally-just by trotting out the "but I got a disability" line.

A 23 yr old father gets stabbed to death sitting on a train,minding his own business....the excuse is "awww the killer was socially disadvantaged from a young age,suffered from ADD,turned to drugs and stabbed a stranger to death just because of his static home life...and coz he was high".

A bloke drove his car into a group of teenagers,killing 6,then ran off leaving his 10 yr old and 4 yr old in the car..."awww he's been disadvantaged and behind the 8 ball since birth because he's grown up in a poor country area and never had the advantages to further his education"

A friends' nephew got badly bashed just before Xmas(ended up in hospital in a coma) by a gang of 15 Maories,their excuse for this and many other beatings "they are illiterate and haven't had the social advantages like their victims"

2 teenagers raped and killed a grandmother aged 78,they get a 2 yr sentence in a juvenile facility then ring up the victims children and leave a message on their answering machine bragging about getting away with their crime-as they're under 18,they won't have any record.The excuse was (and still trotted out now with them having daily outings) "awww poor boys who's parents were divorced,they left school early and had no social or life skills and experimented with drugs when they commited this crime"

I am sick and tired of people excusing disgusting behaviour and blaming whatever disability/disadvantage/disorder they might have and thinking they can get away with it.It's like a "get out of jail free" Monopoly card-steal and murder all you like and when you're caught just wave the disability about. And now it seems drug addiction is labelled a disability too -this was in the paper the other day "aww poor man has struggled with his addiction for years"....bullsh*t his victims have struggled while he's been busy injecting crap. A friend's twin sons have several disabilities and she excuses their misbehaviour with "ohh but they've got problems"...yeah so does everyone around you,you stupid idiot but they're not smashing their parents beloved '67 Mustang into the garage wall.

If a person can understand the difference between right and wrong,why the bloody hell should we excuse their behaviours and/or crimes ?

These days the criminals get more sympathy and help than the victims.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 1:39 am
by Big Bopper Bart
Bugs,My brother is a cop and tells me all the time about some asshole they arrested for some ungodly thing and they get off with a slap on thier wrist,hell in my town this cop used a tazer on some crack head f**k and the guy died a day later and the paper has made it out like the cop is some erks the biddy f**k outta me.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:10 am
by aeromaestro

I'm a disabled person. I have to agree with all the comments and sentiment of these posts. I have a comprehension disablity from severe epilepsy (information gets scrambled beyond proper recalling), I have tendonitis in both knees, severe spinal scoliosis, arthritis of the spine, and my spinal column is shrinking in on my spinal chord.

I'm just as sick seeing these so-called "disabled" people getting government funding and public sympathy for their "disablities", while people like myself sit for years waiting to get the help we need from the government. I have been fighting for disablity assistance for 12 years with no end in sight, yet a crack-head or alcoholic can walk right into benefits beyond anything I would get if approved. But thats going into my own rant.

My point is I have disablities and have never used them as a described. Others in my position are just as outraged when these social degenerates claim that their poor behavior is a disablity, and try to use it to excuse the sick things they do.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:13 am
by Biker

I'm blind and therefore cannot see the point in this thread and am currently suffering from Avian flu. (cough cough) see?

Something must have triggered this ran from you Bugsy and I agree with you.

Having a disabaility is no excuse for anti-social behavior but you try and tell that to a judge trying a case of someone up before him who has one. He (the judge) isn't going to want to be dragged through a media sh*t dip if he so much as says such a thing. Nope he's going to say "This is an example of how society is today (hic) and we should make allowances for such deprived/disadvantaged people"

There's always going to be someone somewhere shouting up for their "rights" be that disabled, religeous or otherwise. Sadly the powers that be seem to pander to these shouters in the worst way.

When I was back in the UK I built a 60ft long reception counter in the main library at the University I worked at. Part of it was a full 12 inches lower than the standard counter height and designed for access for wheelchaired students in mind, or even if a person was employed who was wheelchair bound to work at. In the 6 years since I built it, no one but NO ONE had used it. Now whether this was because the disabled students chose to use the normal counter, or perhaps they felt they didn't have to use it as the normal was was fine.

What I'm saying is that even though the ordinary counter was perfectly fine, I HAD to build a lower one just in case someone with a disability complained that they were being "forced" to use a normal counter. The University had to be seen to be accomadating to those less ... abled bodied.

I sympathise with anyone who has a disability, though sympathy is the last thing they need, but using that disabilty to manipulate others or influence a courts decision is just wrong!

Here's a thought: Would a dyslexic double decker bus driver be excused if he couldn't read the low bridge sign ahead and took off the top deck of his bus along with 20 passengers?


Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 12:37 am
by roadwarriormfp

The excuse of... "I have a disability.... or...... i can from a poor broken family" is simply that, an excuse. People have been fed and taught for a decade or so so now (Here in Australia at least) that we can do what we like.... when we like it..... and to hell with the consequences.

Parents simply teach their kids bad manners, kick them out of the house to get rid of them, give in to their whinging because they really dont care anymore. (The excuse being.. im too busy to look after them.... well why the f**k did you have a child in the first place??)

These kids grow up expecting everything on a silver platter because mummy and daddy were too damned lazy to teach them any respect, morals and manners for anything.

When these kids do something wrong they pay some sleazeball lawyer who will paint an awful picture of neglect and a bad upbringing in order for the jury to see what a poor fellow he/she was. The judge will then slap them on the wrist and tell them not to do it again, or if they do somehow manage to go to jail they will find a jail cell with a TV, and airconditioning, and a jail with gym, pool tables, and all the delights of home. All because some do-gooder stood up and says these poor people shouldnt be treated like animals and they deserve better.

We have turning into a lazy, uncaring society where quite a few of us actually believe that the world owes us a living and that its "our" right to do what we want.

A sad example was a few years ago here in Aus (Anyone remember where this was?) was a young male about 20yrs old was refused entry into a nite-club because he was drunk. He caused a ruckus and was politely told to go away. Later that morning after the nite-club and bar had closed he tried to break in. The owner of the nite-club and bar lived upstairs in an apartment with his wife and daughter. The owner heard a noise outside and went to his balcony to investigate. A while later he heard his wife scream and he was running back to the door when he literally ran into someone who was running out of the house. The owner quite rightly tackled him.... and then beat him to a pulp as he didnt know what had happened inside. (I woulda done the same.. and be honest who wouldnt??!!!)

The charges of break and enter were dropped and instead the owner of the bar was prosecuted and had a criminal conviction against him. Which mean that he lost the bar and nite club (as under aussie law anyone with a criminal record cant hold a Liquor Licence), had to move out of his home AND THEN HE HAD TO PAY COMPENSATION TO THIS LITTLE TURD WHO WAS SMILING THE WHOLE TIME THE CAMERA WAS ON HIM AS HE WALKED PAST.

I cant recall the amount but it was around $20 000, PLUS AND WAIT THERE IS MORE! THE TURDS MOTHER GOT IN ON THE ACT..... She received around $15 000 in compensation FOR STRESS !!!!!!!!!!!! Because seeing her beautiful, loving son in Hospital was so traumatic for her, she needed money to recover!

She put on the biggest acting job of her life on TV for the cameras. It was sickening.

The simple fact is.... no one wants to take responsibility for anything they do and will blame someone else because they hurt themselves (or others).

I drove behind a new 6series BMW yesterday. The car was swerving all over the road. Inside was a young male.. about 20 and his what looked like a 17yr old G/F.. too busy fiddling with the f**king CD player. Eventually they went from the extreme righ-hand lane to pull over to the left in one abrupt movement to stop and work it out maybe....

I can imagine how if these 2 idiots were to crash Daddy's expensive car that they would more then likely blame someone else for the accident and probably sue the other person at fault simply because they are well off....

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 12:54 am
by Bugsgecko

Amongst other things,I got tired of listening to a mother from my son's school make non-stop excuses for her son's disgusting behaviour because " he can't help it,he's got diabetes,he's disabled" .

This particular kid was a pain in the arse long before he was diagnosed and now he has a crutch to lean on to excuse bullying other kids,abusing teachers and swearing at adults-not to mention the other foul things everyone suspects him of doing. He is 8,god help us when he's 18 . Also my friend with the twin sons really DID have a fully restored '67 Mustang before they drove it into her garage wall,totalling it for good.All she did was shrug and say "aww they've got problems I can't tell them off ".(Personally I'd have throttled 'em both).They are aged 23 and they have ADHD... and this excuses smashing a car how...?

My son has several disabilities but I refuse to let him even forget his please and thankyous,let alone give him a gilt-edged excuse to treat others with total disrespect,like many seem to think is their God given right.

The idiots and morons trying to hide behind a pseudo-disability create problems for those with very real disabilities who've managed to live all their lives without hurting others.It's amazing how a bloke(true story) charged with breaking into a girls flat and raping her was suddenly suffering a disability from his regular pot smoking and amphetamine abuse,even though he was a professional chef in full-time employment,with a girlfriend.The judge let him off with a warning and wished him good luck with the rest of his life ! Too bad his victim couldn't feel the same.

I don't have an issue with disabled rights groups and those demanding easier access to buildings,etc-my issue is with low life scum who break the law and use rat cunning to work the system to get off with a slap on the wrist from a supposed disability from drug abuse/poor childhood upbringing/simple bad manners .Those are the one's I'm sick and tired of reading about who trot out the "I got a problem,I'm disabled" line simply because they got caught.If Australian social security doesn't recognise and pay for "disabilities" like asthma,ADHD,short-term memory loss,depression,etc..then why should the courts recognise a disability like drug-induced psychosis(if a crim is high on drugs when they commit a crime, they're deemed not guilty)or low self-esteem from a poor childhood.

Only once have I read something intelligent from a judge - 15 yr old kid charged with stealing a tram..right in front of the tram inspectors.He taught himself how to drive trams from observation(difficult with the"deadman's pedal" and cross points,usually a 6 week training period) and picked up passengers for 50 mins,stopping at each stop,giving them a guided tour of the landmarks they were passing -passengers reported they never realised it wasn't a regular driver and thought the commentary was a huge improvement for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.The tram company said they'd offer him a job when he turned 18 so long as he stayed out of further trouble. The judge ordered the kid be tested for Aspergers(high functioning autism)...surprise surprise the kid has an IQ off the board but poor social awareness skills-this kid could build a train from scratch but can't hold a conversation with strangers.He got a 2 yr good behaviour bond,MUST attend counselling for social skills and the job offer still stands. And his parents didn't think to have him tested or stop him leaving the house at midnight to steal trams? "aww he's always had problems,we let him do his own thing" they said. I rest my case !

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 1:35 am
by Bugsgecko

roadwarrior I remember that of the current affairs shows did a follow up afterwards and interviewed the idiot son and mother. Surprise ! He was no longer living with her,she'd kicked him out for his bad behaviour and swearing at her,he took most of her "compensation" money and she blamed all of that on the bar owners actions too ! "My darling son never behaved in this way before he was beaten up by that thug...blah blah blah boys will be boys and if you run a pub you have to expect drunks blah blah blah " type of drivel was pouring out of her pig-ignorant gob. For some strange reason the idiot himself refused to be interviewed on camera...then he later contacted the show offering to talk to them IF they paid him $5,000....they didn't accept his offer.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 3:36 am
by .MAD MAX.

and that's a problem worldwide ! This is why I firmly believe that if some one breaks into my house or shop then just kill the mother f**ker and claim self defence....dead people can't tell the truth right?? Or if you're able to....just dump the body accross town as most thieves don't make it public as to what place they plan on robbing so the chance of some one coming forward with info is nil.

OK...time for my meds.