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Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 2:31 pm
by OverheadCam

He wouldn't happen to be a little, fat man with greasy black hair?

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 2:44 pm
by Bugsgecko

Something wrong in Melbourne *gasp* how did you guess with 7 knifings in 72 hours ???(to date)

And yet,strangely,it's illegal to even carry chef knives unsecured without being busted by cops....but golly gee whiz somehow there's loads of people carrying machetes and knives around Melb....wonder how that happened !

Nah Melbourne is all good.... some 20 yr old chick gets off free from injecting a deadly hotshot of herion into a 15 yr old kid schoolkid....but awwww she had problems and that's what matters in the court - that she get help for her problems.......too bad her 15 yr old victims Mum isn't keeping quiet....see Melb is all

Seriously every kid needs a damn good kick up their arse to teach them some basic respect of others and consequences of their actions.Stuff this "I'll sue the school for not keeping my brat from glassing his classmate" crap..... How about a new class of "WOW we're parents let's behave like adults and teach our kids what the social boundaries are " !.

Strange how since we had our Black Uhlan friends over,things have been calm in our street for some yearsImage Though it doesn't hurt for a couple to turn up for a cuppa tea on their Harleys,every now and then,to remind the dropkicks.Image

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 12:44 am
by roadwarriormfp

LOL..... no i worked for the little fat man Cam..... Was talking bout someone else..... (Could you see him as a preacher????? LOL)Image

The sad thing is people use every excuse under the sun and dont want to take responsibility for their actions or inactions.

Last year a group of teenagers killed themselves when their Falcon slammed into a tree at about 100km/h (I got that from the horses mouth..... an engine and tranny dont fly through the air for 20 meters or so unless GREAT speeds are involved). A lot of dickheads sent letters and sms's to the local paper BLAMMING THE f**kING ROAD for the accident. The posted speed limit is 70km/h and reports of street racing, with one of the cars driving blind with no headlights were never confirmed however. Some of the passengers were 14 and 15yrs old.... why the hell are these KIDS in a car at 3am.... (Dont worry kids..... go and do what you want..... were too busy to be parents).

A few weeks ago a guy riding his racing bike at night up a small hill here in town is hit head on by a scooter coming the other way. He gets his face on the local paper and calls for the road to be closed to traffic so that "Bike riders and joggers can use it safely at night " ?!?!? ITS A f**kING ROAD.... HELLO ANYONE THERE???? It is also a tourist attraction as people drive up at night to see the city lights. Nevermind the 100s of idiot joggers who walk 4 and 5 abreast on a steep narrow road, the cyclists who speed down the hill at speds greater then 70km/h. These people have been crying and whinging for the road to be closed to traffic for years.... as they are obviously special needs people.

Over the weekend a 26yr old male is killed when his 4WD crashed into a tree on the Cardwell mountain range about 150km/h from here. The road is a steep, narrow, winding track which has been like this for over 30yrs.... SO EVERYONE KNOWS HOW BAD IT IS!! The day this guy lost it and crashed... it was bucketing down rain ! Low and behold the grieving father now blames the Government for the poor state of the road. Not 2hrs before his crash, a small car on the EXACT same spot also lost it and crashed, because the inexperienced driver (a 19yr old) was going to fast in the damned rain. The 4WD landed not 5 meters from the first car, which was still there.

Talk to any Ambulance crew and they will tell you that in the first few hours of rain, multiple accidents will occur because people again are too dumb to slow down and think that their own greatly enhanced driving skills will save them.

The dumbing down of society by governments is also a big problem.... Look at the lowering level of intelligence of kids in school these days... and even some of the teachers that teach them. People who are unable to think for themselves can be easliy controlled like sheep. Think of it this way, looking at the attitudes of teenagers these days, can you see any of these kids growing up and becoming Doctors, Nurses, Police, Paramedics, or even Soldiers? Would you want these kids in a high responsiblity job when they do grow up? Could you trust them in such jobs? Us as adults are to blame for this mess because.. well.. simply we are the ones who make the decisions about these things.

Its always easier to blame someone else, as most people are too damn gutless and stupid to say.. "Yes i was at fault...." instead a lot of us have turned into whinging cry babies who are quick to point the finger at others and not look at ourselves. If you cant grow up and learn from your mistakes you'll never mature.....


Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 7:53 am
by OverheadCam

I'm so with you there on all you said could've been my name at the top of the message post! (if only da spelling were a bitt wurzse!)Image

you particularly struck a note with the attitudes of the'kids these days'....I never really noticed it up there...but now I'm in the city...its really struck home...(most of my dealings with kids these days is when being served shops or resturaunts)

When I was their age..I tried to put over an "air of coolness"...(I constantly failed and looked like a tool),...but the point is, a "cool" person is someone who isn't phased by anything..they appear to be above the "petty" stuff.

These Kids I'm dealing with now have taken it a step too far!...They don't seem to be AWARE OF ANYTHING...Its like they're not even in the same room..they're on auto pilot! It's been suggested to me that it's caused by the widespread availability of "drugs"...but its just too common.

The even scarier thing is these are the ones with enough get up and go to ACTUALLY GET A JOB..THESE ARE THE OUTSTANDING ONES that employers are giving jobs to!!!...Lord help me if I have to go into a hospital or nursing home in 10 years time (might be a bit longer for the nursing home)


I'm with you on the Parental responsibility thing too...The whole Daniel Morcombe child abduction case has really missed the point...instead of blaming Bus drivers or the Police, how about the Bloody parents look at themselves and ask "Why the Hell was a 10yr old kid allowed to catch the Bus alone???"Reguardless of how things should be in a perfect world...things are the way they are... and they had a DUTY OF CARE to look after the boy AND THEY FAILED!

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 12:00 pm
by roadwarriormfp

Society fails everywhere it seems.....

Today in Brisbane at the Griffith Univercity Bus-stop an elderly woman had a stroke and lay on the ground for 5HRS before a group of Japanese students came to her aide. Hundreds of students simply walked past the old lady as she vomitted and was unable to speak temporarily. What a bunch of loverly students and bus drivers as well.

Her fault was that perhaps she looked a little bit black....... Some students apparently even took photos of her with their mobile phones and laughed.

"Aunty" as she was known is a well respected person in the community....

Had she had been blonde maybe with big tits perhaps someone wouldve come to her aide sooner? (After some upskirt photos taken maybe?)

These "kids" are not on drugs.... they simply no longer care about anything or anyone. The reason they look like robots is that they simply live. No longer caring about anything at all. Probably because their parents didnt give a sh*t either....

Speaking of nursing homes.. a report a few weeks ago of a frail old woman who was in her 80s/90s was raped by a male staff member in his 30s was sickening enough. Worse still was that two other employees SAW it and did nothing, not even report it.

Your right Cam.... heaven help us all when we are too old and frail to look after ourselves.. No way im gonna trust them to change my diaper!!

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 3:27 pm
by Bugsgecko

I agree - What the hell was a 10 yr old like Daniel Morcombe off on his own like that ?

HELLO....the kid is 10.............TEN years old............Hello do the parents live in a LA-LA land where nothing happens to their children ? He was TEN years old........where were WE when we were 10 ?

Playing cricket or footy in the street - but our parents knew where we were

Screaning at umpires "chewy on ya boot" etc

Sleeping overnight at a friends house - but our parents knew who the parents were and had spoken to them,etc,etc,etc

God knows our generation were lucky in some ways - hell a good clip across the ear kept us in line,while others were battered - while we were 10 YEARS old we still had someone to nag at us,I suppose.

And now we have children missing from bus stops at the age of 10 ,who've never lived,laughed,or gambolled with life. And will they ever have the chance ?

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 10:08 pm
by Big Bopper Bart

I grew up in the 1980's and imho i think myself and my younger brother lived in those last days of being able to trust your neighbors,play outside untill dusk and not having to worry about some pedophile or kidnapper grabbing you.gangs were stricly real bad neighborhood bullsh*t.respecting your elders,keeping your nose to the grindstone were things you did as a good person not becuase there as some reward involved.I think that here soon the world will segregate themselves from all the bad and make thier own societies noo i'm not talking racial stuff i mean people of any race,creed or gender.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 12:57 am
by roadwarriormfp

Exactly right Bart.

We when grew up, our parents knew our mates parents. They knew that we would be in a safe environment with responsible adults. (needless to say we did disappear into the night, but most of stuff we did was really quite harmless... and if we ever got up to anything it was acted against other "mates". As an example we would annoy one mate at 1am in the morning by throwing rocks at his window, stealing his pushbike and dismantling it and then leaving the peices all over the yard.... He would arrive at school just in time, while we all waited and laughed.)

Nowadays most parents couldnt give a toss who their children hung around with and wouldnt even know the address, let alone who their parents were. Most parents don't even allow their own kids friends to stay over because they know what a prick this child is.. but allow their son/ daughter to hang out with them. Go figure....

Most people dont even know their own neighbours.... a neighbourhood years ago would be able to look out for everyone. Now its everyone for himself..... Hence the growing amount of taller and taller fences.... large sercurity lights... dogs... and alarm systems.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 2:52 am
by Big Bopper Bart
i know some of my neighbors,but barely and thats ony the ones next to me and directly acroos the road from me.your absolutly right about the fences.Its sad that crime and paranoia have taken over the world we live in.

Bugger your disease !

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 7:31 am
by Redd4

OverheadCam and roadwarriormfp: I know it's easy to say "These kids today", but the kids are being raised by people in the generation previous. Doesn't it seem to you that there's a general sense of inconsideration among people nowdays? "Hooray for me and to Hell with you" seems to be the order of the day. This had a lot to do with my earlier comment that people suck in general. It mostly had to do with rudeness, and disregard for how one is affecting the people around them. To paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones in 'Men In Black'--a person can be nice, but people are self-centered, egotistical, inconsiderate sh*ts.

Bart: Totally agree with you. We're the last "vacant lot" generation. When I was a kid, we'd go play at the school, we'd walk to the store, we'd go play in the vacant lot behind Safeway. Our parents didn't really know what we were up to, but they knew who we were with, and they knew the neighborhood.

So sad. We live in a fairly decent area, and our daughter goes out in front on occasion. But she's coached to not talk to anyone she doesn't know, to stay close to the house, if anyone talks to her to come get us, if any car stops and someone calls to her, to come inside. We go to the door and call her every few minutes, etc. etc. etc....and both doors are open (the front and garage doors both look to the front).