Thunderstone is a recently produced, Australian sci-fi TV series for children, made by Jonathan M Shiff Productions, who also produced Ocean Girl. All very well you say, but what has this got to do with Mad Max? Well take a look at the picture below, and hopefully that will start to answer some of your questions.

new_protectors.jpg (52904 bytes)
"The New Protectors", from the official Thunderstone web site

Obviously the production designers have been very much influenced in their post-apocalyptic world design by the look of the Mad Max movies, in particular Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. They've also built up a couple of vehicles which are pretty neat looking as well, although unfortunately obscured in the above picture. I am going to search around and hopefully locate a picture or two of the vehicles to add to this page when I can.

In the mean time, Thunderstone is currently airing on Network 10 in Australia. In Victoria it airs on Channel 10 on Friday afternoons at 4pm, and in probably pretty much the same timeslot Australia wide. (Last updated September 2001)


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